3 Sep 2013, 3:53pm

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Reflection on First Week

The biggest changes from MS was sure the change of the lunch time and the fact that all the classes are mixed up. The things that helped me to transfer to HS was the fact that I know some of the people in the grades above me, also all my supporting friends. The things that will help me to transfer smoothly is joining different activities and getting to know new people. I will keep my things organized by writing down my homework and doing it on the night I got it. Also I want to try to balance my school life with my social life. The thing that was a lower point so far was that many times I feel like the people from the grades above are judging me. Also another low was the fact that I did NOT get into the volleyball team.

29 Aug 2013, 8:43pm

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Math – About Me.

In last years math class we went through a lot of units, some were more challenging than the others. Overall it was a great year in math, one of my favourite projects that we have done was making our own Casino game. We had to create a game which would be good to go in casinos. Here is the link to my work. (link) Another thing I really enjoyed doing in math last year was for sure the unit on factorizing as it was one of my stronger area’s in math.

My strengths as a mathematic thinker are probabilities, factorizing and graphing. I think those are my strengths because I find those topics quite easy and it is not such a big problem for me. I find them fun to do which means I also enjoy doing them. I may not be the best at them, but I surely think they’re easier and just overall more enjoyable.

My goal for this year math class is to finally try to perfect my skills of using negative numbers. I also want to try to be a better listener and another goal I want to try to pick up my pace of solving equations. I will try my best to stay focused in class, to be able to answer a question on the spot and overall improve all my math skills that I have so far.

I really think this is going to be an amazing year of math, where I will have my ups and downs, I will have some tougher times, some easier times, my grades will be all different, but in the end I would pass the whole year with a smile on my face!  And I hope my teacher will also be happy to see how much his students have progressed in the following year.

3 Jun 2013, 3:09pm
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Tech: Reflection – Mash It Up

In this unit for tech, we learnt about how to use and how fair use works. We had to mash up two things, it could be Laugh Track Mash, One Movie Watches Another, Remix an Album Cover, Consumer Mashup, Local Commercial Mashup, Music Mapped Videos, Music Mash, Movie Trailer Mashup, Lip Read etc. We have been learning about the copy right law and how to use it. My mash up was taken from the idea of combining two things I like a lot, which was Coca-Cola and Qoo juices. I wanted to make something that would look colorful and would catch someone’s attention. 

My inspiration for the way my image looked like came from a couple of different commercials I have seen and also from seeing the logo’s themselves and what is used for it. I thought that using the Qoo character in the middle of my image because it is cute and adorable, to state clearly it is mixed with Coca-Cola I drew a giant can of Cola and put it next to the character used for the logo of Qoo. I think people might find it adorable or interesting as it is a perfect way to catch someone’s attention. Another reason for me mashing up those two companies was because Cola is known all over the world and Qoo is something new to some people, it won’t only try to find out what it is, they will also probably try it out, because big companies use only things that everyone enjoys.

I think that my whole mash up looks like it’s drawn, because I first drew it by hand and afterwards scanned it. I have edited it to the end by using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but no matter how much I tried to make it look not drawn nothing has worked. Even though it looks drawn I am proud of it.

During the investigation I had to research and fully understand what is a mash up, I had to see different examples and search for many different ways to edit the final piece. I also had to learn about what is copy right law and how to use it correctly (not to break the laws). I learned about copyright and its connection to author, composer, manager, etc. Even though it seems like I did a lot for my investigation in my opinion I could have done a bit more, just to make everything even more clearer.

For my design stage we had to design the product/solution for what we have been researching about. I went on changing my mind for a long time before I actually got the real idea of what I had to do and what would be the best thing for me to do. First I started from trying to make a song mash up, but I realized that I am not good at editing music, I needed to do something I knew I would do well in. I chose to do the consumer mash up and after designing three different mash ups on paper (drawing), I chose the best one and finished it up on my computer. One of the examples of consumer mash ups was “Seven and Pokemon” and that pretty much inspired me to make my mash up.

Planning is something what we add on after what we did for the design. I didn’t exactly use this cycle effectively, because my schedule wasn’t organized.

Create/final product, after all the time I have gave on creating my mash up, at the very end I realized that it is missing something, in the last minute I took my image and opened it in Photoshop, and that was one of the best decision I have made, I changed some things around, I took some things out and changed colors. I added a bit and now it is the way it is and I am proud of it. My final product is very colorful, I think it reflects a lot on me in a way, it is eye catching and different from anything else I have ever seen.

I am glad I have succeeded on my mash up in the end. I think this was a great unit, we learned a lot about the copy right law and fair use, and that made me understand some thing I didn’t understand before. This was a fun unit to do and it sure did get me excited. As everything it had its ups and downs, but after all I enjoyed this unit a lot and I hope I can use my new skills in the near future.

3 Jun 2013, 8:19am
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Music Chord Progress Reflection

For music class, we made a 1, 4, 5 chord progression song. This included the following chords:

C – C – C – C – F – F – C – C – G – F – C – G

– the “C” chord has the following notes – C, E, G

– the “F” chord has the following notes – F, A, C

– the “G” chord has the following notes – G, B, D

First when we started this assessment I thought that this is going to be very easy, but as time went past I realized it is a much harder thing to do than I thought it was. I tried making my piece a couple of times, but after a number of times I realized I need help and I had to go asking Mr. Johnston for help and explanation. After that I understood what to do and I made my piece within 20 minutes. I am not really proud of my piece, but because this was my first time to use noteflight I think it isn’t that bad. I have higher pitched notes for my right hand which make a little playful melody and the lower notes for the left hand add onto the whole piece. Overall, I found this really interesting, because I could experiment with many different sounds and new tools.

I tried to upload my song to SoundCloud but it did not work.

20 May 2013, 12:10pm
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What is a Historian? – Humanities

Historians are the people who write down the events that happened in the past. There are different types of events and they are categorized into groups which are Political history, Diplomatic history, Social history, Cultural history, Economic history and Intellectual history.

Before historians start writing up about their event, they have to research about it, first they start from writing down what they know about the event, and then research about it as much as possible, creating a Biography about their event.

What I have started with to complete this project was to gather up as much information about my family as possible. To do that I created a number of questions (I think I had something around 50-60 questions) that I would ask to myself, my mum and my grandma. I wrote them down in categories that we had been assigned, to make it easier to create the questions and save time. To make life easier I made a GoogleDoc which had the questions on it and after interviewing my family the answers as well. I didn’t exactly have many challenges for this, as my grandparents where visiting Japan at the time, and my parents were home, so this was the easy part of the assignment.

Nowadays it is much easier to remember everything as it is easy to access, people may not even remember it they just constantly look it up.History might be recorded using sources from the internet, looking up newspapers, pictures and other things that might help writing down a piece of history. In my opinion it has become much easier, as everything is hiding itself somewhere in the corners of the WWW.

Now with our use of technology you can find anything anywhere, one of the biggest and most used sites of information is Wikipedia, but it’s not the only one. We are constantly connected to information which is building up with every second. Sites like FactMonster are really useful. Also for visual information a good site is BrainPop.

The last thing I want to show is my own project which is linked here. I made it in a “Draw My Life” format and I hope you like it!

11 Mar 2013, 3:36pm

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Does Copyright Hinder or Cultivate Creativity?

In Grade 8 technology we have been learning about Mashups and fair use policy and many other things. This blog post I will be giving away my opinion about Does Copyright Hinder or Cultivate Creativity?
In my opinion Copyright Hinders creativity. Why? Because many times before I have seen people making or posting or just experimenting things on YouTube, Facebook and all kinds of media, but after a while the copyright law got into the way of the “online art” and made the creator remove their work. The copyright law is actually making creative minds not being able to express and make their amazing ideas. I do think there should be a law, but not as strict and harsh as the current one. Even though many people do use songs, videos, photos illegally it does not mean that all videos have to be removed, some of them are really great pieces, enthusiastic, catchy, interesting etc. as long as the person keeps the original makers name and what they have used, all the details the piece of “online art” should be allowed to get big. Overall I think that the copyright law is good, but it is too strickt in some areas and that is where the creative minds in our world get stuck and just aren’t able to do anything about it.

22 Feb 2013, 11:36am
English Home

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The Outsiders…Wrapping it up

1. Appearances and deception are a common theme in literature, how does Hinton demonstrate this?

She shows it by putting in a lot of different scenes and dialogues, imagery and using senses. I think that one of the biggest messages in this book was that no matter where are you from, how you look like or what you do, we all are the same. She shows that by putting in two different gangs and fights, by describing them and labeling people.

2. Do narrators always tell the truth? Is Ponyboy a reliable narrator?

No Pongboy is not a good, reliable narrater because he’s subjective, he thinks and sees things only from his own perspective not thinking about what or why someone else did something.

3. Is The Outsiders relevant to you? Can you relate to it? Why or why not?

I could relate in some way, let’s say in our school there are “groups” and I would say that our grade would more relate to this book because not everyone likes each other, get into fights and they are not accepting each other. I don’t relate that much because I don’t  really have a group, I’m more outside and just by myself.

4. Should The Outsiders be taught in school? If so, at what grade level?

It is a good book to read and it may be good to teach in some schools, but not all as it shows many aspects of which grades can relate to; it is not a good book for younger grades, in my opinion it’s a good book to teach for grades 8 and above as it has a lot of violence and slang which younger grades may not understand.

5. Who is your favourite character and why? Who is your least favourite? Explain your choice.

My favourite character is Cherry because she is a Soc, but does not want to be as other Socs, she treats everyone by who they are and not by what hey look like or what “group” they are. My least favourite character will probably Bob because he is a Soc who does not care about anyone, but himself, not even about his own girlfriend. He get’s drunk a lot driving around town looking for trouble the whole time.

6. Which character impacts you the most? What emotions do you feel for that character? Does he/she remind you of someone else you know? Of yourself?

I think Johnny impacts me the most because of his background and who he is right now. I feel really sad for Johnny because of his parents and what he is going through, but I also feel kind of proud of him because he did not give up, he went through all of that and did not give up. Johnny reminds me of me because I am not brave, I go through many things, but I don’t want to give up.

4 Feb 2013, 10:32pm

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P.E. Handball assignment

Handball (also known as a team Austrian team handball is a team sport in which two teams of six players each (five outfield players and a goalkeeper on each team) pass a ball to shoot into the goal of the other team. A standard match is consisted of 2 halves of 30 minutes and a 1o minute intermission, there are no timeouts allowed apart from injuries. Handball is originally an outdoor sport, but people are starting to play it in different ways eg. swimming pools. In the game body contact is allowed, but not on purpose, players are not allowed to come up to another player and push, kick, hold, trip or hit, as the defenders try to stop the attackers from approaching the goal. Players are allowed to dribble the ball around like in basketball and also are allowed to take 3 steps with the ball. They can also pass using chest pass and bounce pass. Players are only allowed to be in possession of the ball for 3 seconds before either passing or shooting to the goal while standing still. The game has different phases. First of all a team has to gain possession of the ball and this can occur from the goalkeeper to catch the ball and pass it to the teammates or any player getting the ball from the opponent. The objective is to turn defence into attack. The next phase is to move the ball away from your goal to the opponents goal in order to score. After that phase, the players have to get into a good shooting position in order to score a goal. However the players are not allowed to enter the D zone, so they have to shoot behind it.


The First drill is a warm up drill suitable for Handball.

A good warm up drill is a game of modified dodgeball, you have two teams and there is a line in the middle. at the end of each team’s court there’s a jail. To that jail go the players of the opposite side if they get hit by the ball. Each team has the same amount of players. The team that has least people in jail by the end of the time wins.  This warm up drill will get your muscles in your arms and legs ready and also maybe will start making your heart work harder, pumping your blood to go around your body if the game is intense.


The Second Drill is a handball skill development drill to develop either passing skills, defensive skills or shooting skills.

A good skill development drill is a passing – shooting drill, In order to make this work you need two lines of people (can be four if there’s a lot of people) and the first two students in the line will pass to each other running towards the goal. The last person to have the ball before the D zone shoots into the goal. This drill improves your passing and shooting skills for the game, also cooperation with other teammates.

29 Nov 2012, 8:09pm

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Character Formative

8A Drama: Character Formative from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


What skills did I use in the scene work?

I have used SWAT (stand, walk, action, talk). This scene wasn’t really a scene I could stand in, I had to walk around in order to make the scene work, if I didn’t move around the scene would be boring and it wouldn’t have ‘life’ in it. In this scene  I had to chose a mood for myself – sad. I have tried changing my voice and movements to make the atmosphere a bit sadder around me and make it easier for people to understand what my character was and how it felt.

What was my approach to creating a character in the scene? How was it successful? What could be improved?

I wanted my class mates (audience) to know about that I have the higher status by changing myself into someone sad people around me would ask me questions and try to help me with everything I say. While in this scene I was buying a coffin for my dead husband and the man who was selling it (George) asked me questiones and did what I told him to. I think it was quite successful but it might have been a bit confusing for the audience. Me and George tried to figure out the best way to make this as clear as possible.

How could I use these skills in characterization in performances?

I could use these skills to show my higher status by changing my voice to more serious or lower status by changing my voice to a nervous or shy type of voice,  also I could show that I have a higher or lower status by walking and standing in different ways.

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