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“The Medium is the Message”

“The Medium is the Message” Marshall McLuhan The media fair was a gallery walk we had between two English classes, one of Ms. Cox’s ad one of Mr. Kew. It was held in the two classrooms on Thursday the June… Continue Reading →

The Food that Make Billion – Liquid Gold

The bottled water industry has become one of the most successful businesses today. On of the most major companies of this industry is Danone with the water brand Evian and Nestle with the water brand Pure life. These brands were… Continue Reading →


In music class, I have just started to learn the Shamisen for the first time. Shamisen is a Japansess traditional plucked instrument which has three strings. It somewhat resembles a banjo. The parts of the Shamisen are the Dou, which… Continue Reading →

Say Something Chord Substitution

For music class, I changed the chords for A Great Big World’s Say Something. 1. How did the piece change is general? The piece overall has a more complex and sadder tone than the original piece after I have changed… Continue Reading →

Hit that Super Mario

In grade 10 PE class, we created a lesson in groups or individuals for our class for a dance of our choice. I paired up with Yuu and we created a lesson to teach the dance to Hit that Super… Continue Reading →

Homura 1st Performance

Last Friday, we performed Homura at the Peace concert in Ikebukuro. I think overall our first Homura performance went well. The challenging part of the performance was that it was hard to hear parts 1 and 2 because they were… Continue Reading →


We have been working on Homura and there are parts I have to work on. The first part I have to work on for Homura is on page 4, line 3. It is where I have the patterns with the… Continue Reading →

Concert Reflection

On Wednesday, the grade 10 koto ensemble had our winter concert with the other grades. We played Gojyusoukyoku. Overall I think that we were able to play much better than we have expected, mainly because of our chemistry. I think… Continue Reading →

Themes and Variation

Here is the theme and variations I have composed on noteflight. When I first started composing the theme, I was just playing around with the notes and modifying them by listening to it over and over again. I only added… Continue Reading →

Koto Process Journal

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