Koto Process Journal

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Design Criteria Summary and Challenges

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Criteria A: We have to create a design brief that solves our problem based on the analysis of the research also conducted in this stage. The research will have a constructed plan, which will state and prioritise primary and secondary research needed to develop a solution for the problem. The research would all so analyse existing products that would inspire our solution to our problem.

I think that this criteria would be the most time needed out of all which will be a challenge, especially organising and analysing researched conducted.

Criteria B: We would have to create a design specification that explains the success of the solution based on the analysis of the research. We would also have to develop a range of feasible design ideas that can be easily interpreted by others and one design must be chosen for the solution and justified using the design specification. We would have to create a plan for the design with drawings/diagrams and outline the requirements needed for the creation of it.

The challenge in this criteria would be the same challenge I had last year which is developing a range of different ideas because when I already have an idea for a design, it’s hard to think of a design that is completely different to what I had in mind.

Criteria C: The first part of this criteria is to develop a logical plan to create the solution which describes efficient use of time and resources. Then we would have to create our solution, following our plan and demonstrating our technical skills. We would also have to justify any changes made to the design and/or plan if there are any.

I think that the challenge in criteria C is to create the solution by following the plan because last year it was hard since my plan wasn’t very feasible and I had to cram everything to the last minute.

Criteria D: We would have to design a product test and evaluate out solution against it and the design specification. We also have to explain how the solution can be improved and what kind of impact it could have on the client/target audience.

I think that it is better that we create the product test in criteria D because it was hard to create a test last year when we didn’t know much about what we were actually going to create. The challenge would be to create a test that wouldn’t be just rephrasing the design specifications.

Physical and Sensory Deprivation

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“What would your world be like if you could’t see, hear, smell, taste, move or feel?”

I set my phone so it would not vibrate and opened the timer. The room was pitch dark and I had my earphones in my ears so I wouldn’t hear a word from anyone or anything in my house. I laid down on my bed and pressed “start”. When I started this experiment, I thought that I would be perfectly content with it because I was just laying down in my bed. I thought that 20 minutes without the 5 senses and the ability to move was going to be no problem at all. I wasn’t thinking of anything besides how it was going to be really easy. I was relaxed and felt comfortable but that was only the start.

After about 5 minutes, I had itches and tingles in my legs and arms. Every single itch felt like someone was tickling me under my feet. Every single tingle felt like someone has shocked me with an wire. My body started to get tense and restless. I was frustrated about how I couldn’t move. My frustration was ranting sentences in my head so fast. So fast that I felt like my head was going to explode.

My breathing got quicker, trying to get more air in my frozen body. My head started to hurt, probably because of the ranting. Then my stomach started to feel sick. One of the only things I thought about during this experience was, Why did I eat so much?  The headache and sickness just kept on getting worse. I started to give up on even being mad and felt hopeless and powerless even though it was my own body. It was about 10 minutes when I couldn’t handle it anymore and got up.

If this was my world, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I just wouldn’t have any motivation to do anything. Not even to think. What would your world be like if you could’t see, hear, smell, taste, move or feel?

Theme and Variation

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Theme is a main melody in a piece. When there are variations to the theme, the theme will be very simple. There can be a number of variations in a piece. The ways to vary a theme can by by changing the melody, key, time signature, rhythm, chords and texture. The melody can be changed by adding or taking away notes from the original melody. In Mozart’s Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman, he added a lot of notes and changing the rhythm of them. In the piece, the texture also thickens in several variations by adding layers.

Koto Reflection

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We had our koto concert on Thursday last week and I thought that it went well. During practice, I think that I was able to work well on the first movement. I think that it was hard for me to remember and get the third movement right. Especially after we started practicing faster. I think that it was hard for me to listen to other people playing since we did practice with our different parts. I think that I did much better on the concert than when we performed in class. I would like to work on techniques like tsuru and presses. I think that I need to practice listening to the notes of the presses and get them right. I also would like to work with each other better. Overall, I think that we did well at the concert which was a good things but I should also practice more to be able to play it well anytime.

Hour of Code

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I tried coding for the first time today in math class. I tried the game on code.org. In the game I used blocks that had commands like ‘move forward’ and connected them to make the characters get to their destination. I found it very interesting to see the codes behind the blocks and how it is actually written. I didn’t understand the code of repeating so I would like to learn about the more. I completed all the levels and even got a certificate. I also tried making a holiday card on Scratch. I made the bell ring and was able to add different sprites. I would like to try and make snowflakes fall from the sky. I think that coding is looks very hard but would be useful and helpful for the future.








Today’s lesson

Solving Simultaneous Equations

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Here is the video of me solving one of the word problems including simultaneous equations for my math class.

Tech PSA

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In tech class, we created a PSA (Public Service Announcement). My PSA was about breaking the dress code and its consequences. Here is the video.

Tech Final Design

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In tech class we are currently creating a PSA for the school. I decided to create a PSA for the dress code directed to high school students. I decided to do this topic because I know that a lot of students break the dress code. I am going to create a video and this is my final design.

The design that I am going to choose to create is design 4. I feel that this is the most entertaining one out of all four and people would actually remember what was going on. It is the most comedic one because it is overly dramatic which is interesting. The length is appropriate as it is around one minute (52 seconds). This video focuses more on the consequences when breaking the dress code but I think that this is fine because we can see the person breaking the dress code at the start and I am sure that people are already aware of the dress code. This video is directed to high school students as the actress (or actor if possible) would be high schoolers in our class. It is school appropriate since there is no swearing, violence or actions that may offend some people.

Field Studies Assignment

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During field studies in Phuket this year, we were able to see some of the human impact on some of the ecosystems that we visited. One of them that was particularly memorable for me was the rainforest. The Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife park that we visited for hiking and the Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Center is the only significant virgin rain forest left on Phuket. The sceneries were beautiful but what concerns me is that this is the only virgin rainforest left and about the Gibbons.

There is a concern of rainforest destruction in Phuket as we can tell because the one we visited was the only virgin rainforest. The main reasons for destruction of rainforests is because of population growth, people are in need for lumber and construction work sites. In Phuket, there are also cutting down rainforests for rubber plantation. This is happening very rapidly as for the population growth. In Thailand, 80% of the countries original forests have been cut down in the last 40 years or so.

This has a very large impact on the ecosystem. Rainforests have one of the highest diversities in plants and animals in the world. It is a home to many different organisms. When these rainforests are cut down for its lumber, construction sites or rubber plantations, the organisms lose their home. When they do, they would have to move to another place which will ruin the food chain of the whole ecosystem. Different plants and animals will start to die and the rainforests will lose its diversities. A lot of the organisms live their whole life in the rainforest and when us humans cut down the rainforests, the ecosystem would be corrupted and the organisms would die.

Another thing we looked at  is the Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Center. This was a center that they shelter gibbons that have been treated very badly by whoever they were owned by and help them to be able to get back into the rainforest. These gibbons were captured from the rainforests for tourist attractions because of their singing and beautiful appearance. A lot them are not only physically weak but also mentally weak because of the treatment they got. This is another impact humans have on one of these animals.

I think that the human impact on the rainforests is very large and we have to fix it. We have to preserve these rainforests for the organisms that live there. These beautiful rainforests are already great tourist attractions and we do not need any more than this. The waterfall at the end of the hike was very relaxing and the tiring hike paid off. Some people do make a living off of cutting down these rainforests but we could teach these people how to conserve them. I feel that the human impact on these rainforests is large but we could all work together to bring them back to life.

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