For our second project we made a tutorial and this is what I thought of this project.

Section 1:

I think human ingenuity and community and service best fits into this project from the areas of interaction. I think human ingenuity fits into this project because we created our tutorials and I faced the consequences. We of coarse had to create our tutorial by filming, editing but I never thought of the consequences. Here is an example. While I was editing, there was things I couldn’t do, like different titles and text because I had the old version of iMovie. That is one consequence that I faced while the step of editing. I did well but I could have done better. I think community and service fits into this project because we are helping others and contributing to the community. We are helping others by teaching others what we are good at and what we can offer. Some of the tutorials we might not use but it must be useful for someone in the world. I did how to stay organized in grade 6. This can help many people, especially students, with organizing their properties. This will help them in the future because being organized is something you would use when you grow up and if you start being organized now, you would know how to be organized in the future. I think we are contributing to the community because we are contributing with the community through what we learned or know. For example, Someone might see my tutorial and use my strategies and that person would be contributing with me and I will be contributing with that person too.

I liked the Investigate section the best. I like the investigate part the best because I got to see different tutorials of different genres. For example, cooking, folding, drawing, games, etc. It was very interesting seeing what people in the world are willing to teach to other people in the world. It was also interesting how many people are watching the videos. I used youtube so you can see the views and some of the tutorials had over 400,000 views! It was fun looking at how many people watched the tutorial. I liked looking at tutorials of how to draw _____ by doodlekat1. I wished I could make a tutorial that was really easy to understand like hers.

Section 2:

I think I used the reflection and communication and organization skill. I think I the approaches to learning, reflection and communication when I reflected on my work with each part of this project. I reflected on how I felt, what was hard or challenging, etc. Also when I reflected (using the 6B criteria) on other peoples finished tutorials. I reflected Thomas’ tutorial. It was not boring and I really enjoyed the tutorial. Mitea looked at mine and we communicated what I did good. I used communication on reflecting a lot. When Mary and I did a peer assessment on the plan part of our project we communicated. When my friends needed help I communicated too! I think I used the organization skill though all the parts of the project. In the investigate part, I needed to be organized when I was commenting on the tutorials, to make sure I wrote the things in the right place and if I wrote enough. In the plan part, I had to be organized with my papers because there was a lot of papers handed out. In the create part, I needed to be organized with my videos. I needed to know where I put them and where to put them.

I learned most in the investigate part of the project. I learned most in the investigate part because I got to learn from looking at different tutorials that are posted on the internet. I learned the things that are important for a tutorial to have. For example, clear voice. This also is a part or our 6B criteria. Our 6B criteria is almost all the things we learned what a good tutorial should have. Also, I learned during this part how I should make my tutorial look professional. The techniques like camera angles.

Section 3:

I think I demonstrated the IB learner profile principled and reflective. I think I demonstrated the IB learner profile principled because It was my responsibility to get everything done in time and I was responsible for my own actions. I had to have responsibility when I was taking the video and editing it because I had a deadline that I had to follow. The tutorial plan helped me. I was responsible for my own actions when I was shooting the video. My friends told me when to take it and how but I had my own opinion and did what I thought was right and I did it, independently. I think I was reflective when I, of coarse, was reflecting on the parts of the project and also commenting on other peoples tutorials but I also think I was reflective when I was doing my work. Is this good enough? How can I make it better? Those are the questions that I was asking while I was creating my tutorial and if I didn’t think of these questions, I think my tutorial would be much more boring and dull.

In the future I can use these skills for fun, to be creative but I learned much more skills. I can use the reflective and creative skills in other classes. I can use my reflective skills in all of my classes because we need to reflect on almost every unit we do in each class. Of coarse, the other classes are also helping my to right these reflections. I can use my creative skills in English class and art class. In English class I can use my creative skills to write creatively. Stories, articles, all sorts of things. In art class, of coarse you have to be creative all the time and this trained my brain to be more creative and open-minded. These skills can help me as an university student because in university, you need to have a lot of different skills like communication, independency, and so on to get into collage and to stay in collage. These skills can help me as an adult to. When I have a job I have to be responsible, independent, communicative and so on so you won’t get fired. When I have a job, I need be responsible when I am told to do something by my boss or someone else. This also links to being independent. You need to be able to be independent in order to complete the tasks I am given if I have a job. I need to be a communicator because if I don’t communicate with my co-workers I won’t be able to do anything because you don’t get any advise and so you get fired.

So here was my long and last reflection for this project!