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Field Studies Assignment

During field studies in Phuket this year, we were able to see some of the human impact on some of the ecosystems that we visited. One of them that was particularly memorable for me was the rainforest. The Khao Phra… Continue Reading →

Reflection on the First Week of High School

This year I finally made it to high school and there are some differences from middle school. Firstly, there are different people in all my classes. Last year, we had a tutor group and we never had different people for… Continue Reading →

Think before you post, before you comment, before it’s too late…

1.  Are there certain ideas, or social messages, that influence the kinds of photos that girls typically post? How might these attitudes affect the kinds of photo comments girls post amongst themselves? There is that idea that a girl has… Continue Reading →

My use of Technology

In tutor we made a poster about our technology use. Here is mine 🙂 My use of technology

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