Grade 6

My first goal was to be better organization, I think I have kind of achieved this goal because I have become better at keeping my locker clean and carrying the stuff I need in my bag and not everything else as well. Although I could improve on keeping papers in my bag organized. This has helped me so I dont have to carry everything in my bag all day long and get a bad back. Now I can still get to lessons quickly with out having to rush or carrying the books all day long.

My second goal was to improve on working on macs. I think I have improved on working on macs because in school you use it a lot so you learn a lot. Now I have learned how to use imovie and screen-cast etc, and before I didn’t even know how to copy and paste. This has helped me so if we are doing a project in class and we have to use imovie I won’t struggle with it.

My third and final goal is to write down my homework in my HMWK-diary, this goal for me is kind of hard to achieve because my diary is broken in the rain. So now I write down my homework in my ipod as in notes. So basically I have improved on writing my homework down in my  ipod.

My Special pieces of work:

One of the things that I am very proud of is my tutorial about “how to study for a test” because for me this task was hard, to use imovie and there were lots of skills I learned in this project. I am also proud of my “Saudi Arabia” project Daniel and I did for humanities together.The art over and over printing should also go here.

This is my art over and over printing, I am very proud of this work because I learned a lot from it and it is totally new for me, I also enjoyed to do this a lot especially carving it with all the special equipment.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 3.49.30 PM

Here is the presentation that I did for humanities, I am very proud of this work because it was the first presentation I did with a mac, so to never have used a mac before I think I did pretty well, but of course I had a partner, Daniel,  that also was doing a lot of work with me. Also it was really fun to create this presentation. We did this presentation on key note, and the effects are not included in this presentation, I dont think it works on google docs to have effects.

2 thoughts on “Showcase

  1. Great job on you presentation! I can relate to the importance of getting organized. I teach second grade and can’t wait to show my students what hard work and goal setting can accomplish…Thanks.

  2. Good presentation. I especially appreciate the comments about how you think the people of Saudi Arabia might adapt to a climate which is increasingly warmer with more destructive weather patterns.

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