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To be honest, I don’t think I am curious and wanting to learn new thing.  I always stick to the thing I like.  Whenever we learn new thing, it’s hard to like it and learn it.  Plus, when the person/thing that I really liked and cared about goes off or gets lost, it effects me big time.  So, what I should do is to be OPEN-MINDED and try to learn new thing and not to cling to one particular people/thing.  And right now, personally, I think I am start to become open-minded since I start to want to meet new students to feel them welcome to Y.I.S. and start to be curious about other ways to make an art journal (I am making my own personal art journal because I found it to be very fun and use my artistic skills to make my journal).  Although, I think I could still be better in being open-minded.




I tend to avoid the troubles and consequences when I do something wrong.  And making excuses- that is what I do.  But, at same time, I know that it’s not right answer.  I always keep on reminding myself, “I gotta be honest, I gotta be honest.  I have to admit that I did this.”  But, when the actual thing happen, I always think, “What was I saying before!?  I don’t wanna be involved in this trouble.  I will go around this.” or  “I did nothing wrong.  I am right!  Why don’t you understand?  You are the wrong one!”  Truth is, most of the problem and consequences are because I say something without thinking.  And I know that I am doing it and I understand that it’s not a polite thing to say, but I don’t admit it.  So, I think I should be honest with my stuff.


Katie Lawrence

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