Chaptire 8 Mise en train


  1. What time of day is it?   Morning to Noon
  2. What does Mme Diomandé want Djeneba to do? Why?   Mme Diomandé wanted Djeneba to go grocery shopping.  Because Mme wanted to cook some lunch for her family.
  3. What are some of the things Djeneba buys?  She buys lemons, french bread, tomatoes, rice, tomato paste, butter, and peanut paste.
  4. What happens at the end of the story?  Djeneba’s english teacher arrives and each together at the dining table.
  5. Judging from the story title, what do you think Djeneba forgot to tell Mme Diomandé?  She forgot to tell her mother, Mme Diomandé that Djeneba invited her English teacher and that mother had to make more food.


  1. Aminata va au marché.  Faux
  2. Mme Diomandé va faire du foutou avec de la sauce arachide.  Vrai
  3. Djeneba ne veut pas aller au marché.  Faux
  4. Djeneba achète des bananes au marché.  Faux
  5. Djeneba oublie le pain.  Faux


  1. du poisson  
  2. des tomates  d
  3. des oignons  e
  4. des citrons  a
  5. du pain  c


  1. Aminata dit: «Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.»
  2. Mme Diomandé dit:  «Tu me fais le marché?»
  3. Djenaba dit:  «J’ai aussi acheté un paquet de beurre, de la pâte de tomates, du pain et du riz.»
  4. Djeneba dit: «Ah, j’ai oublié… »
  5. Mme Diomandé dit: «Va voir qui est à la porte.»


  1. Mme Diomandé offer more food to Aminata?  Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.
  2. Aminata refuse the offer?  Encore du pain?
  3. Mme Diomandé ask Djeneba to do the shopping?  Volontiers!
  4. Mme Diomandé tell Djeneba what she needs?  Bon, d’accord.
  5. Djeneba agree to do what Mme Diomandé asks?  Tu me fais le marché?

Katie Lawrence

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