Cross Crounty Day

How did you feel you were able to utilize some of the mental strategies such as self talk into your running and understand the importance. (A2) 6/8
How much training we’re you able to do outside of your scheduled PE times? (A3) 3/8
How seriously did you take your goal setting? (D6) 7/8
How do you think you performed during the whole XC unit? (C1) 6/10
I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses in cross country running and I aim to develop this area of learning. (D4/5)


During the cross crounty unit I enjoyed being able to listen to music as well as, durung the cross country day there was people in the crowd cheering us on an the two made me a bit more motivated. The other thing that kept me going was self talk. There was two words that kept me going that wouldn`t let me stop ” keep going”. The thing that really surprised me was when I ran the first time I diddn`t excpect it to feel like that much. I deffently think I have improved because when I first did cross country at nigishi park I couldn`t even run a lap of nighsi but now that I have practiced a lot more I can run two laps and I am hoping to go even further. On the actual cross country day I beat my time, goal, and place.

End of subject 1 Drama

6A finished their first unit in Drama on improvisation. This has been a great way to start the year. Please see the details of our unit below and go to the Grade 6 page in this blog for more about assessment of the unit. Please view the videos of the our Theatre Sports Event.

Significant Concept: Responding to an external stimulus, one needs to have immediate action where there is a suspension of thought.

Guiding Question: How can I suspend habitual pondering and re-act without thinking?

Summative Task: Improv Theatre Sport
Students will engage in summative Improv Theatre Sport Event. 3 theater sport games will be chosen from 6 theater games practised during the unit. Students are divided in 3 teams. Each student has a sheet with rubric to record the minimum of 2 games joined.

•Be aware of dramatic instinct.
•The importance of the ensemble.

• Making an offer
• Accepting offers
• Giving the stage to others
• Move the action on (advancing)
• Creating a location

Space Jump 6A Group 1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Slow Motion Commentary Group 1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


Investigate reflection

We have been making a blog. With all my research that I have done and the brainstorm and of corse the practice.They have all helped me use this blog in a way that at the end of this subject I shall be able to master this blog. Since I have just started with this blog, now I have been yousing this blog for many things now such as visting other blogs in my class.

For the three things I have chosen: pictures, title and clear information. I have chosen theese three because, I think thesee are the most important of them all. Like pictures are important because, they discribe the text and you see what is happening in real life. A title is impotant because it says what its about all around. In just a couple of words it says what the subject is all around. And clear information is one of the most important because when you cant read your text and you put all that hard work and effort for what. Nothing so that could become a zero in a grade. Those are most important and I will include them in my blog. You can see on my blog.

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 2.50.46 PM

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 3.01.14 PM

Going away

This is the fifth and final day.

When I woke up I went to my suitcase and started to pack it took a while but in the end I just dicided to justput all my stuff in there at once and close it quickly so it does not fall out of my suit case. I was finished just in time to put my bag on the bus. The teachers said if you dont put bags on the bus you get no breakfast. Once I put my bag on the bus I went strait to the dinning room with the my starving stomach waiting for amazing food like every morning. Once I we all had breakfast we split back into group A and group B. Then since I was in group A I went rock climbing with the rest of 6A and some of 6C ( thosse are the classes ).

The rock climbing walls were so fun that I wanted to do it all again.

The bus ride was 6 hours. It was long but not as long as the bus ride on the way to Hakuba. When we got back to school we had to wait for our parents before we went to school.


I`m tired

On the 4th day I found out that I`m going to climb a mountain. I was so scared at first because I would have had to use all that energy for three hours but before the hike one of the leaders, James, said “instead of bendig your legs all the way up the mountain try and keep your legs straighter.” So you would have energy. At the top we had an excelent lunch. Curry white rice and excelent spring rolls.



It is the third day. And when I woke up I was the 2nd person to wake up. So me and Thomas started to play poker ( no money ). Eventually all the people in our room, top and bottom floor, were awake. Then we had breakfast then we we did team building. My favorate game was “the walk” and Jake took three people. That was being a risk taker. For lunch we had a self japanese BBQ. Then I was in group A so I went , the rest of the people in group A. I got so wet.


Just started

I had just woke up. And all the people in our tent were all squished because we had the smallest tent. But I was the 3rd to wake up so me Thomas and Meta sat in the tent and played our ipods quietly. That was being a thinker. After about an hour or so we got permission to leave our tents. When I got out of my tent I went to my suitcase and put a bunch of layers on because it was freezing. Not to long after I went to the dock to look at the awesome lake.That lake was the lake I went canoeing in. Not to long after break fast we went mountain biking. It was so fun that I kept asking to go down hill. After we went mountain biking we had lunch. We had burritos. And boy were they good. The second activity was canoeing. My partner was Axcel. We were they only people to be in a two. Once it was all over we went back to the hotel that we checked in to after breakfast.


Were here

To day we had arrived at Hakuba. And the bus ride was so long that we had to make more than 2 stops. It was 6 hours long. It was so long. However it was nice to be able to put my feet up because there was no one sitting next to me. Once we got there we put our bags down and  made our tents.