I have moved to Phoenix, Arizona!!!

I have just moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and I think that it is all right. It is very diffrent from Japan, as Japan wasn’t all ways hot and sunny it would feel cold at times as well as warm. And now every where I go I see bus after bus after bus. Then after that I would see street car, after street car, after street car, and I would never see street cars in Japan. So I am kind of lucky to see them. When I go to my school and my Dads work I smell mud and grass at the same time. I think it is because of the building material called “adobe” it smells really bad. When me and my family try and find a traditional restaurant we can`t find a thing. I found out why that is, because when you try and find a farm in Phoenix they dint have anything so they have every thing shipped in.

Plan refelction

This is my how to grow a blog project.

Screen shot 2010-12-03 at 9.31.27 AM

I chose this type of template because to me it is really eye catching as well as creative with all the differnet colours and the diffrent shapes.  And the way it looks when I publish a post with the diffrent types of colours of the text and the diffrent kind of backrounds. The template repersents the creative design by all the diffrent pages look and the diffent colours of the text and the backround. They make a really good contrast. And they only make a dark background and light text together.

This blog demonstrates a good blog design because in my opinon this is good with all the diffrent shapes and all diffrent colours and when I pubilsh a post it will show the exact date and when I publish it I will be able to chose the font type and the colour as well as the shape of where the text is.

There is a few more things I need to learn about my blog, and they are: a few of the widgets, and I need to memorise how to link a picture into the post. There are many people that can help me like people that know about them or/and know how to do it.