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I am happy with my blog because when I look at my blog I think “Wow! That header reminds me of how I learn”. When I am about to learn something, a drob drops on to my head and shows me what it is and how to do that thing I am learning the drop being the information from the teacher of course. Not only that but the rest of the blog like the colour the way the post is pubilished the side bar is placed holding my widgets is all outstanding, as it stands out.

I would say that I would rank my blog a 5 for the Blog: Quality of Writing and Reflection and a 4 for the Blog: Quality of Presentation. My blog describes the way that criteria works in my opinion.

To become a better blogger I need to learn both ways to do things. The reason I say this is beacuse when I was in Tech class my teacher said that we are doing the easy way of doing things and I want to be able to know how to be able to do both easy and hard way of doing things. Another thing I think I can improve on is to be able to meorise all the widgets and how to use all of them.

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