Investigate Reflection

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The two people that I commented on were George and and Marshall. On Georges’ blog I learnt  how to draw a dragon. It was very interesting and the person that drew the dragon was clear and gave people that weren’t good at drawing a good understanding of how to draw a dragon. It did not show the whole thing (of how to draw a dragon). It showed how to draw the dragon body. For Marshall’s it showed how to solve a rubics cube in one minute. After the video I wondered what was plutonium jelly and then I asked him. And it turns out it is a jam like substance.

The main thing I learnt in Investigate reflection is it will have to be something I am good at, and I will have to make no mistakes in the actual video. So it will take sometime but in the end it will be finished and it will be my best.

The things I will have to learn is how to make a video of whats on the screen. And what it would take to make a good contrast.With a good background and a good thing to write on.