Plan Reflection

In this second unit of Tech we have been learning about tutorials and in this unit we have we have looked at tutorials and we have been making short tutorials and this has proved that for our final project it is going to be tough because when we do make our own major tutorial it will requier a lot of skill and a lot of practice so it is going to be about a month untill the final project is going to be handed in but that will that will go by pretty fast. With our teacher Ms. C there is a lot of things she has showed us and a lot of skills we will need to reqier. In this prjoect it will be all on the web so it will always be anonamus as usal as I say my full name on this, wich is never. The other had thing that was also in this project was analyzing other tutorials like the how to draw graffti which is also on my blog. I also have my plan.

My tutorial will ensure my viewer will learn the skill that I will show because I will show because the viewer will see why they use an atlas and I will show some parts of the maps they use, and some parts of the map they didn’t know. In the atlas they will know what an atlas is and why we use it.

The other things I need to do to complete my tutorial is a person to film me, of course, but then I need to be able to recognize what I need to tell and when I am going to but that is why I have a story board. I also need to keep checking my timetable for my unit and then I will defiantly be able to finish every thing on time

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Singing in the rain

We watched singing in the rain and it was really interesting because it  Gene Kelly was just expresing his feelings and he always had a smile on his face until the police officer came over and just gave a look that said ” if you dont stop there will be some big trouble. So he gets his guts and sings ” I’m dancing and singing in the rain”. That just blew me away and at the fact that he got scared and then not scared. He used his props well especaly the umbrella during the dancing solo that was when he used his prop the best he was the only one in there and he used the umbrealla in every way. The way he used space was he diddnt care who was around he just used the whole street. His rythum seemed to only during the dancing solo with the dancing solo and there was only only one other rythum but that was the music.

The best part in my opinion was just te dancing and sining combined and then it was tied for my favorite was tap dancing.

Here is the link to sining in the rain by Gene Kelly.


Japanise Earthqauke ( extra credit )


My name is Jamie I am 11 years of age and I was involed in the Japanise earthquake. I have asked to be your pen pal untill you come to YIS. Well the school hasnt changed but Japan its self has. The way the Japanise are and they cant eat one of their main dishes now and that is fish and/or squid and that has a major affect as well as the sking witch is used with snow and sking is up north so thats around where Shibuya and no one is taking a risk. So thats about it.

Best regards



this was an extra credit asiment witch was to send a hyperthetical e-mail to a student hyperthetical one and tell them as a pen pal what its like here in Japan.

Japanise Earthquake

I was in the Japan earthquke and I have been told to write about it in my blog.

After the earthquke we were just waited for about an hour, before the only contact we had with anyone else outside the school, was with the computers. The first thought that came to my mind was I need to e-mail my dad and I couldnt e-mail my mum because she had been on flight from guam and so she had to go back. So I go on my gmail and I e-mail my Dad then five minutes later I get an e-mail back saying ” I’m on the highway its jam packed I will be a while”. So then I thought ” what other way can I get in touch with my mum to let her know that I’m ok. Facebook! She wont see strait away but still hopefuly she will see it. The advantiges were on gmail and facebook were that they both had perfect conection ( because of the school’s back up power ) and it was very smart of them to have one. When I finaly got back I was taken home by my older friends mum which refused to leave without me. So the school head finaly said ok fine and anouced my name on the tannoy and I got to leave. After a few hours my dad got to the house of my older friend and we got to go home my older friends mum said sleep downstairs just incase there is another earthquake and you need to get out fast. So the next mornig I wake up and see the T.V. on and I was really surprised because we had no electricty so yeah and it was taklking about how this earthquake was going to be in the top five biggest earthquake in history. The first thing I thought was ” WOAH! ” but then I heard about the tsunami and I was like ” uh oh “.

My mum thinks that some of the things there saying is not true like the water for inctece. One day they say its theres something wrong with the water and the next they say its fine and we need to use it so we can keep hydrated I mean what are they puting in the water could it be unsafe? Are they lying to us? But whatever it is my mum and dad and his collegs dont like it. The most wierdest of all is when they let a CNN crew into the necular plant wich if I may add was letting only the most higly trained in. And was  was close to the room where the crack of reactor nuber three was. I mean dont get me wrong they are doing a great job but if they are letting a reporter and a camera man into the plant that means there must be something their not telling us.