Art over and over reflection

In the last unit of art we did over and over, where you get 4-6 soft lino and and you make a pattern that could continue. I think i did pretty well on the rolling part because when I did my rolling the ones I picked out were perfect and at the beging I will admit that the first few werent that good but I learnt from my mistakes and then the four, that I choose out were the once I thought wow I did that!

The things I would do better next time is when I trace it on to the soft lino I would try to keep the paper a little more still because I think I moved it around a little and so that caused me to make my pattern look a bit differnt. The other thing I think I could have improved on is not carving as deep as I did, next time I would try not to have it at such an angle


Science water project

In the project we just did we were doing a rocket launch. In the rocket launch it showed us the different ways to acttualy shape the rocket and the differnet places to place the wings. In the first photo below you can see two of the wings, and for those interested there is some coloured wings on the bottom picture, anyway you can slightly see what the places the wings are in. You can see two are opisite each other on either side, and that made it go higger because of less wieght.

In my opinon our rocket was very sucsseful because out of 90 degres the higgest we got was 68 deggres so that is pretty darn high.  When we made our rocket we kind of accted like a group the only problem we had was one person cried because she was so nervous we were going to fail but we diddnt we actualy came first so that was kinda awsome.


Evaluate Reflection

The Areas of Interaction (Aol) are: Human Ingenuity, Health and Social Education, Community and Service, Environment and Approaches to Learning. The one I think I used during this tutorial project is Environment. I think I used environment because in all my other classes we use paper and if we make a mistake we just use more paper so were not thinking about the envierment, however the only type of paper we use is recycled paper so thats a good thing and the only other thing is computers.

My pros in this project were: that I used software that I never used before (iMovie) and for that would say I did pretty well. I think my main con was that I could of used a bit more help from a friend to say a few things wrong. Such as at the beging you saw my nose for about 2 seconds and there was about 9 seconds where you saw nothing except a blank white wall.

The IB learner profile I used was thinker. I think I was a thinker because I had to think about the all the different  words in the script and wether I should put different parts in the tutorial. The reason that took so much work is because I wanted to make it  perfect and I think I did just that.imovielogo[1] And another reason it took a lot of work is because the apple computer I have been using it for about a year and next year when we have our own I will I will defently experiment with my apps on my laptop. And this is first time I had used iMovie so I defenatly had to think very hard.


Create Reflection

In this unit, of making a tutorial, I have learned: how to use iMovie and because this is the first time I have used an apple computer and it has been challenging for nearly a year but now that I can use a lot more tools like iMovie and garage band etc. It will be a lot easier for me to make a tutorial. When it was pier edited by Kazuki he gave some good feed back and it will be a lot easier to make one.

I am really happy with my finished tutorial and it took only four lessons so there I am about as proud as ever with one of my projects. The main part I am proud of is the part when I tell about the part when I give the discrition of the plant life all over the world because all the plants in the world are being cut down and when I said ” there is 46% plant in Asia, 36.57% plant in Europe and 68% plant with south and north America combined.

The easy thing about making the tutorial is making the script which took me about half an hour but the but the actual hard part was making everything for  the tutorial and the actual recording.

I would say my tutorial needed a piece of music and it needed examples for the different pages they could go too for the things I explained in my tutorial and the different things they might have seen.

I think I need to make an even better tutorial because there is a lot of things I havent used and this is the first time I have used things to make a tutorial so it was a little hard and there was a few things that I didn’t know about so I couldn’t us them but I say for a beginner I did pretty darn well.

How to use an Atlas from YIS Academics on Vimeo.