English Snowboard presentation reflection

In english class me and Lucas made a pretension about snowboarding. In class when me and Lucas started the presentation we just read out the slides we made so if I made the slide about Shaun White he did the slide about the history of snowboarding. Lucas thought that he did not present the presentation that well since he mostly read of the slides, but he also thought it was very nice to present about snowboarding. Even though I did the exact same thing as Lucas he has his opinion and I have mine. Any way moving on. I think this project helped me a lot because I am not that good with presentation’s, especially the presenting part. So this helped me a lot with my speech with other’s and I think this will help me a lot for grade seven because I expect a lot of presentations to come my way in nearly every subject. And given a minimum of 10 slides I found that quite difficult to be told how many slides I needed to do with Lucas because with Lucas and I we don’t find it as hard as to do slides when not under pressure. And what I mean by that is we can just go for it but when were told do this amount of slides by Thursday that when we start finding it hard.

and go to http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/17miyaharal/ to see the blog reflection of Lucas on this