French Paragraphs

En été, j’aime jouer au football. Au ycac avec des amis

En hiver, j’aime faire du ski et regarder la télé avec mes amis et famille.

J’aime jouer au football et au rugby avec mes amis et ma famille au YC & ac et au Pays de Galles avec ma famille.

Un célèbre athlète français est appelé Joakim Noah, il joue dans la NBA pour les Chicago Bulls. Le sport, il joue au basket-ball est appelé.

Mon sport national est appelé le rugby. Il y avait une coupe du monde de rugby cette année. Pays de Galles termine quatrième de la Coupe d’ensemble. Moi celeb en jouer au rugby pays du galles en James Hook et Leigh Halfpenny.

Merci d’avoir lu mon blog français

Jamie Machin

Art Journal reflection

In the art journal I did I used many different type’s of drawing’s and colour as well as the different types of writing. When I was looking over my visual journal one more time I realized that I had a type of drawing that I saw in Futurrama and I think that is what inspired me on day 2 on the hike. When I finished my journal I kept checking over it. It took me till about the 7th time to realize that there was something wrong, so I think I need to have a bit more of an eye when I look over my work. The things I think I did well on is use of writing as well as the use of imagination. I think my cons were that I didn’t put enough consternation in my work as well as the things we learned in class.


PE Cross Country time’s and goal’s

Hello all,

recently I have ran a 2.6 km run for my school with student’s that the school is sponsoring due to the March 11th earthquake 石巻市 (ishinomaki). However I am here to write a reflection on myself on the cross-country day. I had one process goal and one outcome goal. The process goal is something that you would try to achive to get your outcome goal. I had two of them one of them was not to run with my friend., the other was not to walk during every practice. An outcome goal is a goal that you would try to achive over the cross country unit. I had one outcome goal and that was for every practice and the actual race to be 5 minutes better than my last years best, which was 17minutes and 30 seconds, so therefore I did achive my outcome goal. In the time between the first practice and the actual cross country day I went out for a 30 minute jog and the park outside my house, which is 0.37 miles, three times a week.




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