Drama Reflection

We have just finished a unit in drama about mime. Mime is a tequnique that requires the following: good acting. Easily able to change your facial expression asap,  you have to pretend that you are always in the area you act, you are in. And of course you can not talk. These are the thing’s that make a good mime. And that is the main teqniques we learned in the unit. I think my pro’s were that I think I worked well in group’s. The one time I remember was making a mime the last mime act that we did. I was a person with a heart attack, Rohan was a person that was sick before I came in, Katie and Sena were the nurse’s, and last but not least Bernardo as the doctor. I will never be able to forget that one because I required so much planing and I think I really helped out in that part. I think my con’s were that I tried to hard a bit and did a bit much for all of my mime’s.

If I could rate my self I would rate my self, on a scale of 1-10. I would rate my self a 7.

Thank you

Grade 7 Reflections on our Unit “Sports et passe-temps à Québec”

1:  Most welsh people like to play rugby, especially in Spring and Autumn.  And boys likes to play soccer, rugby, and skateboarding.  One thing I have noticed is that nobody in this class wrote ‘Track and field’ as their favorite sport.  And also that people did not write water skiing as their favorite sport either.

U.S.A.- Football   U.K.- Rugby and soccer    Sweden- Skiing     Germany- Soccer and Bicycling     Japan- Baseball         People had different athletes that people liked.  The most famous athlete was a soccer played named, Zinedine Zindane.

2:  I like to play soccer in YIS.  Personally, I prefer swimming and tennis than volleyball.  I wish that YIS has a swmming pool and a tennis court, so I can join those sports at YIS.  I like basketball, rugby and soccer.  I have couple of reasons why I do not like those sports.  Firstly, the team that I am on teammate that we do not do much.  Secondly, because I am scared that the ball will hit on me.  Thirdly, my leg gets tired easily, and I am afraid that some day, while playing those sports, I will literally break my whole right leg.

I met them when we arrived at Negishi park.  When we first met, of course it was awkward, but I started to introduce myself to Misaki and Rinka, a Ishinomaki girls.  We start to talk how nervous we are about the cross country and encouraging each other.  Since I heard that Ishinomaki students were very fast runners from my friends, I thought that I would not be 1st place like last year.  I gave up thinking that I could do this.  For the first lap, I became first.  And one of Ishinomaki girl in 8th grade went past me.  To cheer her up, I said in Japanese, ‘Ganbattekudasai  頑張ってください’.  And for the rest of the race, she was first and I was second as a whole race.  After finsihing a hard, and long race, I went over to that 8th grade girl who was first and congratulated her.  And, of course, she congratulated me back.  I felt so happy and proud that I talked with a girl who was lucky to survive from the earthquake and the tsunami.  It felt really good and refreshing when running with those girls.  And my friends were right:  Ishinomaki students were fast 🙂

Q.3:  American Football has been played in the USA for about 120 years.  It was originally played as a type of rugby brought over from England, but it soon changed and got its own rules little by little.  The game soon was its own and looked nothing like rugby.
Since it was played in the USA alone, the rules, uniforms, play and strategies became very different than England and, by 1920, it was like the game we see today.  Because of safety concerns, pads and helmets were added in the 1930s, but that has also led to rougher play, which thrills the audience more.
Other sports came from Europe about 120 years ago, too, and became uniquely American because of distance from its home country.  For instance, baseball is said to come from cricket.
Basketball is one sport that was started in the USA.  In the late-1800s, a gym instructor in Massachusetts wanted to develop a game that people could play indoors during the harsh winter months.  He soon created basketball, which even now is played during the fall and winter in the US.
Q.4:   Voice excercises help me improve on my French.  By practising speaking French, it makes my speaking more smoother and more fluent.  Also, I go through my notes to remember the new techniques of writing and new vocabulary that we learn.  I say those notes and new vocabularies out loud because it helps me rememeber more.  I need to have better skills of concentration and skill of listening.  I think I am improving on my concentration skills, but not on my listening skills.  Because, sometimes, I miss out the instructions, I do different thing.  So, throughout this semester, I want to improve my listening and concentration at the same time.

Science Essay

Hello merry early christmas,

I have just finished an essay for science. The essay topic was a choose of several diseases, I chose H1N1. The things in my essay I am proud of is the amount I wrote as well as the type of scientific language I used. The main thing I found difficult was I don’t really get word limits that often so trying to get that far with kinda pressure did make it a bit harder for me.