Drama Reflection

We have just finished a unit in drama about mime. Mime is a tequnique that requires the following: good acting. Easily able to change your facial expression asap,  you have to pretend that you are always in the area you act, you are in. And of course you can not talk. These are the thing’s that make a good mime. And that is the main teqniques we learned in the unit. I think my pro’s were that I think I worked well in group’s. The one time I remember was making a mime the last mime act that we did. I was a person with a heart attack, Rohan was a person that was sick before I came in, Katie and Sena were the nurse’s, and last but not least Bernardo as the doctor. I will never be able to forget that one because I required so much planing and I think I really helped out in that part. I think my con’s were that I tried to hard a bit and did a bit much for all of my mime’s.

If I could rate my self I would rate my self, on a scale of 1-10. I would rate my self a 7.

Thank you

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