Activity 1

1. What are Isabelle’s plans for tomorrow?

1) Dance class
2. What day and time of day is it?  
2) Day time 
3. Can you name three places where Mathieu suggests they go? 
3) Cinema, Eifel tower, homework 
4. Can you name three things that Isabelle prefers to do? 
4) Cleans, shops, and go to historical places 
5. What do they finally agree to do? What problem remains?  
5) They decide to go to the cinema but they can not agree on a movie 
Activity 2 
1. Isabelle aime aller au zoo.  
1) False 
2. Isabelle a un cours de danse. 
2) True
3. Mathieu aime la musique de Patrick Bruel.  
3) False
4. Isabelle aime bien les musées.  
4) True
5. Isabelle veut voir un film d’horreur dimanche après-midi. 
5) False
Activity 3
1. Isabelle propose d’aller au palais de Chaillot. 
1) 2
2. Mathieu propose d’aller au zoo. 
2) 3
3. Isabelle propose d’aller au Sacré-Cœur
Activity 4
Choisis les activités qu’Isabelle veut faire et les activités que Mathieu préfère. 

aller voir un film comique 
aller à un concert 
aller au zoo 
aller voir un film d'horreur 
aller au musée 
faire un tour en bateau 
faire une promenade au palais de Chaillot 
aller au Sacré-Cœur
go see a funny movie 
a walk to the Palais de Charillot
go for a sail
Activity 5
1. aller au concert de Patrick Bruel?
1) Voulez-vous aller ? un concert de Patrick Bruel?
2. aller au Louvre?
2) Voulez-vous aller au Louvre?
3. aller au zoo?
3) Voulez-vous aller au zoo?
4. aller voir Dracula?
4) Voulez-vous d'aller voir Dracula
a. je déteste les zoos.
a) Dsol mais je deteste les zoos.
b. je préfère aller voir un film comique.
b)Dsol mais je pr?fre aller voir un film drle.
c. je n'aime pas trop les musées.
c) Dsol, mais je n'aime pas les musmes
d. je n'ai pas envie.
d)Dsol mais je ne suis pas intress?
Activity 6
How would you react to Mathieu and Isabelle’s suggestions for the weekend? Which would you choose to do? Why? Compare your answers with a partner’s

I would say yes to all the suggestions. I would choose Mathieu because I prefer scary movies and prefer to go to the zoo than go to a Palas in France.

Art reflection

In art we just finished a project about line drawing. Our Significant concept was “Line can be used to convey shape, texture and tone”.We will be assessed on being able to use shape texture and tone. And the Unit question was “How can we communicate visually?”  We will be assessed on being able to use shape texture and tone. Here is a link to the Unit 2 wiki

honestly when I saw this I thought I was going to get the worst grade out of all my grades. However now I think I did really well for example I have never been good with shading. Like never. But when I started my mountains I think I really made it right. My layering I also think I did well with because I think it looks really affective and it really stood out. I think I need to improve on my details such as my sky. Some people said “is that your sand?” And I responded “No! Of course not it is my sky!” In the part in my sky hatching I think I realized that I messed uphalf way through and thought that I should continue how it was.

At one one point I used a technique that we learnt in the last unit called slow drawing. It was for my water and it may not look it but I spent the most effort and time on each part of water. I think in the first lesson I wasted a lot of my time and distracted other people so in the next project I think I need to think about that. I think have improved my overall artistic skill but only in the line drawing area.

Here is my drawing

Now this is the thing we used to layer  our drawings here: 

Grade 7 semester 2 goals

I think I need to be a bit more of a communicator. I think I kind of keep to one group and only talk to other people when it is on Facebook or when I am assigned to do something with them. I really need to talk to other people and not just one group of people. However I think I can be very knowledgeable, but it is just a simple “hi” or “sup” so yea I think I need to change that.

In our school values at I think I need to be a bit more supportive of other people because when I see someone depressed “I ask them are you ok?” and if they say “yes” then I just leave them be. However if they say “no” I will still leave them be so I need to change that.

Drama Welsh Folk Story

Old Gwilym Evans started off one fine morning to walk across the Eagle Hills to a distant town, bent upon buying some cheese. On his way, in a lonely part of the hills, he found a golden guinea, which he quickly put into his pocket.
When he got to the town, instead of buying his provisions, he went into an alehouse, and sat drinking and singing with some sweet- voiced quarrymen until dark, when he thought it was time to go home. Whilst he was drinking, an old woman with a basket came in, and sat beside him, but she left before him. After the parting glass he got up and reeled through the town, quite forgetting to buy his cheese; and as he got amongst the hills they seemed to dance up and down before him, and he seemed to be walking on air. When he got near the lonely spot where he had found the money he heard some sweet music, and a number of fairies crossed his path and began dancing all round him, and then as he looked up he saw some brightly-lighted houses before him on the hill; and he scratched his head, for he never remembered having seen houses thereabouts before. And as he was thinking, and watching the fairies, one came and begged him to come into the house and sit down.
So he followed her in, and found the house was all gold inside it, and brightly lighted, and the fairies were dancing and singing, and they brought him anything he wanted for supper, and then they put him to bed.
Gwilym slept heavily, and when he awoke turned round, for he felt very cold, and his body seemed covered with prickles; so he sat up and rubbed his eyes, and found that he was quite naked and lying in a bunch of gorse.
When he found himself in this plight he hurried home, and told his wife, and she was very angry with him for spending all the money and bringing no cheese home, and then he told her his adventures.
“Oh, you bad man!” she said, “the fairies gave you money and you spent it wrongly, so they were sure to take their revenge.”