Human Reflection

I enjoyed how this project was such an open choosing and how you could choose the time of year and what year as well as country. I think the annotations and the drawings were the best and the disadvantages was the time we handed it in was three days late so I think that could have been our biggest downfall. Next time maybe I would want to say a bit more detailed annotations but I would never change the drawings. I think I tribute my part to the group because we split our jobs into two parts one mine was to do the annotations and my partners Claude job was to do the drawing.

The advateges of living in 1850 is that you could have such a relaxed life in and would not have to worry about your iPhone running out or something like that. The disadvantge would be that you would not

Science poster reflection

We have just made a poster on an element that had required us to do research on it and then once we got the information we would put the information, into our own words, on to a poster. My element was uranium and I think that I learned a lot from it. On the One World criteria I think that I would give my self a 7. I think I would give my self a 7 because I think I made everything like that. I made it not only on one part I made a wide variety of parts. In the communication criteria I think I got a 4. I think I got a 4 because my poster shows the element and its local area.

Story telling

In the unit we have just done we performed a folk story called old gwyilm in front of the grade 4 class.

I think I preformed very well because I stayed in character the whole time and when I made the sound effects I think I made the correct ones at the correct times. When I made the accent I think it was a very convincing accent considering I haven’t lived there pretty long so I think I did a pretty good job. I think as a group we did very well we made the crowd laugh and one of the people in our group, Axel, played old Gwylim and one of his lines were: “I’m going to go get so cheese!” We had to wait a minute for the crowd to stop laughing, so that was pretty good.

Some of the difficulties were that it was hard for the crowd to understand why only one person had a welsh accent, the reason we had to do that was because only one of us could do a welsh accent propaly and that was what made us think at one point should we have one person have an accent but then we realized that we should have a vocal technique.

I think the group that was most the most succesfull group was

7B Drama: Storytelling Performance from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think these guys were most successesful because they were funny and they were the most interactive with the kids.

And here is our video. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

7A Drama: Storytelling Performance from YIS Arts on Vimeo.