Elevator scene

8A Drama: Elevator Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In Drama we worked on a Elevator scene. The four of us: Touko, Jake, Mitea made a scene with four completely  diffrent characters and turned them into a situation where the elevator breaks down and one of them (me) has a panic attack. That was our situation, that is not what we had to do. When we preformed I think that my weaknesses were that I turned my back to the audience a lot and that I did not keep a straight face and I consider that in my eyes to be fairly bad. However my strengths were that I talked loudly and clearly. If I had to change anything if I did it again it would be that I would change my character to someone that is as matured. I would do this because it seems to be I play these kind of characters beter.

Character Status

In the character status we did in Drama class we had one as a boss and one as a servent. I worked with Rishi we switched roles as a servent and boss and then we used many techniques such as: switching roles, diffrent volume. Fast and slow pace. We then worked on how we will change roles very smoothly. And we did we did it very well. I think my strengths were that I talked loud and clear. I think my weakness was that I always had my back to the audience the whole time

French work


1) I am waiting for a train

2) To attend.






The way you see the difference between a cognate and a false cognate is when you, look at the way the word has been used and the structure of the sentence it’s self. If the structure is diffrent to the cognate then it is a false cognate if it is the same as a cognate, then it is the same as a cognate.


Mousseline afrricaine de petits legumes


These dishes are not easy to make because it says in the text and then the they are quite expensive due to the fact that there is a lot if ingredients.


You need to chill the dough at 200 degres celsius and you need to chill them at this temperature for ten minutes.


You need to cook the corn for 30 min and then the dish will taste salty.


Une des poireaux

un demi-litre d’eau

un demi-kilo des oignions

un kilo des champignons

1) faire bouillir l’eau que vous avez pendant 30 minutes à 75 ° C
2) Couper les poireaux que vous avez et les onnions et les champignons (laissez une tranche de poireau)
3) Après avoir fait bouillir l’eau pendant 30 minutes, vous l’conbiner les vegitables hachées
4) Ajouter le poireau sur le dessus pour la décoration

Tech reflection

In technology we are doing how to present naked. I did mine on music, I choose the style of Ignite. We were recorded and our notes that have all the things we have learned about over the past twelve weeks.

When we investigated how to present naked we watched this video about this comedian/presenter that said all the bad things to do on a powerpoint and the things he was messing around with. The main thing that caught my eye was the part where he said “Don’t put every word that your going to say on the screen because that would just be boring”. This had caught my eye so much because when I have done presentations in the past that is what I had done in the past, as well as seen other people do it in the past and get really bored.

When I was planning my presentation I really did not know what I was going to talk about. If I had to be honest I was not to prepared for this unit and I couldn’t care about it at the time however now that I know how to present I find it quite enjoyable.

I said that the presentation was my opinion and it had nothing to do with facts. I think that was a strength, I think this because there could have been someone may have gone home and checked it on the web. As well as other strengths such as: how I spoke clearly and and loud. I think my weaknesses were how I kept rocking back and forth and that could have been quite distracting for the audience. However another strength was that I sourced my sources. I also think my slides were well presented, I think so because they creative, original and have a variety of colours per slide. I think I made a lot of eye contact with the audience as well as them hearing my projection. My introduction was very brief and short but it didn’t really explain much about the topic, it mostly explained about how it was my opinion. However with my conclusion I think I explained what I had talked about and how music can influence our life.  Here is my “slide share

Field Studies day 5 FINAL DAY

This morning no one woke up that early but when we did wake up we were so hungry. That day I sat in a place that I never had before it was in a place that I had a view of all the nature. I saw what mother nature had created and I believed that she spent a long time on Hokkaido. After breakfast we all went back too our rooms and started to clean our rooms. Sadly, because of what happend the night before we had the special cleaning duty. Now what this was, was one of us (I) had to go to the front desk and get new garbage bags. Then three of the people (Pascal, Henning, and Claude) sorted the trash, and the rest of the people (Harri, Rohan, James, Axel and Daniel) went from room to room collecting trash until Pascal, Henning and Claude were done sorting the garbage. Soon after we all were packed and ready to go and went to the bus and gave our bags to the bus driver while we went on the bus, this time I sat on the way to the stop I sat next to Daniella and on the to the airport after the stop I sat next to Daniella. At the airport after the massive line we had to wait in, Eva and my self went to Starbucks and got a drink and a scone for my self. How ever on the flight it would turn out that Eva, Jennifer and Kate would take it because they kept annoying me about it. This time on the flight I sat next to Katie and no one to my left because I had aisle seat.

Field Studies day 4

Today once again we all woke up early because once again we were very hungry. We all wanted to just get out and fun on the our last day of activities. We all went back to our rooms and got all our things in our bags for what we needed I think all we wanted is to skip the bus ride and wet suit putting on and just get into white water rafting. I think we had the coolest instructor because first of all we didn’t even have to carry the raft he just ran down with it, he had the most epic accent. Best of all every dreadlock he had, he had an amazing story to tell with it (by the way he told the stories). So there were three non rocky areas on the boat ride, and on all those three areas that were me jumping off the boat. On the first part I was the only one (from my boat) that did it, on the second one there was I think was one or two that did and on the last one there was every that did. On the way to the restaurant for our soba lunch, we were all raving about the raft and how much fun it was. After the amazing lunch Rishi and I went to get an ice-cream because we were still a bit peckish. We were both surprised about the little corn flakes at the bottom. We all got back on the bus and it looked a bit weird because we recognized most of the building and hills we went past. We stopped and got off where we started, I thought we were going back too NAC. It turns out I was the only one that didn’t know about the bike ride trip. So we all got on our bikes and went. We went past mud, amazing views and so much more. I wondered is all this going to be taken away from us because of global warming all this? We went back to NAC by bus and got back before the other group. We had an amazing buffet that night, and watched a movie. We watched the movie Eragon after that we had a later curfue because we didn’t have to get up as early.

Field studies day 3

Today we all woke up early to get breakfast because we were all starving, it was a beautiful breakfast. we all wanted to just get straight into the activities. We went to NAC and got told our groups. On that day I went kayaking. It was such a long bus ride, however it was worth it. On the way to the island I was with Harri however on the way back I was with Hemanth, because on the way there apparently me and Harri were too fast and needed to go with the people that weren’t as far to the front. So on the way back it was very easy to tell that there was a tide because when me and Hemanth was paddling we kept getting pushed to the side by the tide and got extremely annoying. At one point one of the NAC staff members had to help us for a little bit because thats how strong the tide was. When we got back to civilisation we got our kayak put back and our and our wet suit taken off, I needed a little bit of help with the boots. On the bus me Eva, Daniella and I played card games the whole time. It was quite amusing how Eva lost all the time.

Field Studies Day 2

This morning every one woke up early it was a surprise that everyone could stand up. Rishi was the one that woke me and Axel up, all we heard from him was “POTATO!” Over and over and over it was so annoying. So since I couldn’t go back to sleep I got up and told him to be quiet before he wakes every one else up. I thought I might as well hang around him for the rest of the morning since no one else is awake. So all we did was sit where we had our dinner the night before and just talked. After a while other people started up wake up slowly and after  a while teachers woke up. Just before breakfast me and some other people went up the mountain. We didn’t know we were not supposed to go up the mountain. We just sat there looking at the view. It was beautiful though. So after about 10 minutes we started to go down. Just before we got to the stares we saw one of the teachers heading up. We knew then we should have asked for permission. After breakfast we got on the bus and went to HIS to meet an old teacher, Mr. Reynolds, and gave us some lunch. Soon after we went to a near by flower and tourist high school and we made these little decorations. Then we went to a farm and took down the green houses. Sadly some people were breaking her fruits and vegetables. Then we got our bags from NAC and got our bags. Took them straight to the hotel.

Field studies Day 1

Today is the first day of field studies. We all thought we had to make the most of it because it was the last field studies of Middle school. So we all met at the airport because we were going too Niseko in Hokkaido. After we landed we had a two hour bus ride. On the way to the first stop I sat next to Rishi, and we played truth or dare with: Daniella, Eva, Rishi and myself. When we got too the first stop I ran straight out and got food. On the way back Daniella got to my seat before me so I had to sit with Eva. We went to NAC. We dropped off our bags and had a nice walk. The most mere able part of that walk was this one bridge and we all went commando style but failed. We walked in the ENVIRONMENT (my area of interaction). Most of the time I walked in with Axel, however I also walked with Claude, Pascal, Harri and Henning. When we got to the camp site it was absolutely freezing! When we divided into two groups of choice, we could have chosen camp set up and/or cooking. I decided to work with Pascal on camp set up. It didn’t takes us that long however when we were done we just decided to sit by a warm fire. That night we had curry. It was delicious, and luckily the NAC staff members gave us rice so it was perfect! We got a sleeping bag and ran to a tent with our friends. I was in the same tent as: Claude, Axel, Kai, Henning, Harri and Jake.

Radio Blog Post

In english class we are working on poems. We went too a website that had a hundred and eighty poems and I chose number sixteen and it is called Radio by Laurel Blossom. We had to:


Ask questions such as:

what does the poem mean to you?

The poems means too me that something bad happens over and over and in this poem is the radio being stolen is the bad thing and it happens over and over again and the other things that are small bad things that work up to a big bad thing.

what image stands out?

The image that stands out is someone breaking into a car and stealing things from the same person in a dark alley

what confuses you?

Why the same car over and over again? Why not a diffrent car?

what do you like best/least and why?

I like how how it repeats the same thing over and over not going into a diffrent story it goes the same way over and over

does the poem remind you of something?

Doesn’t remind me of anything at all

what about the title?

The title reminds me of a song called radio.

can this poem be used for a birthday, wedding, funeral, first date?!

It could be about a funeral and how e.g. someones father being taken away, and the radio is something that represents that.

Is there an allusion to a book, Greek myth, movie, religion?

I think this could be based on a movie however I am not sure which movie, nevertheless a movie

which of the 5 senses are represented?

Feel and sound. Feel because he describes some of the things he steels and sound because he can hear the window smashing. When the window smashed, could that have scared him of for a bit or was someone one another car trying too steal their radio?


In this poem there is a lot of repetition  and this can be very effective because it can tell the reader that this is so big, this is such a big thing that we need t tell you about it again. Short lines. Very effective. This can be effective because it says this something and thats it no more no less.


So as this comes to a conclusion I would like to, briefly, go over what I have gone over: I had questions about my poem, and I talked about the poetic devices for them.