Field studies day 3

Today we all woke up early to get breakfast because we were all starving, it was a beautiful breakfast. we all wanted to just get straight into the activities. We went to NAC and got told our groups. On that day I went kayaking. It was such a long bus ride, however it was worth it. On the way to the island I was with Harri however on the way back I was with Hemanth, because on the way there apparently me and Harri were too fast and needed to go with the people that weren’t as far to the front. So on the way back it was very easy to tell that there was a tide because when me and Hemanth was paddling we kept getting pushed to the side by the tide and got extremely annoying. At one point one of the NAC staff members had to help us for a little bit because thats how strong the tide was. When we got back to civilisation we got our kayak put back and our and our wet suit taken off, I needed a little bit of help with the boots. On the bus me Eva, Daniella and I played card games the whole time. It was quite amusing how Eva lost all the time.

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