The outsiders final questions

1. Appearances and deception are a common theme in literature, how does Hinton demonstrate this?

The appearance comes to life when you describe what is going on, for example the gangs by the way they dress. Not only the gangs but maybe the kids at the church the way they call for help.

2. Do narrators always tell the truth? Is Ponyboy a reliable narrator?

No, because the story could have been completely from his point of view. This can miss out many important details.

3. Is The Outsiders relevant to you? Can you relate to it? Why or why not?

  Yes, I think it does because it is a story about friendship and I had a long friendship once that just stopped.

4. Should The Outsiders be taught in school? If so, at what grade level? 

 I think The Outsiders should be taught at school to be shown reality and it would probably be at this grade level.

5. Who is your favourite character and why? Who is your least favourite? Explain your choice.

 My favorite character would have to be Dallas, because even after Johnny killed someone he still went to help him. However my least favorite character was Cherry because when the rumble happens she thinks she can just tell pony boy what to do.

6. Which character impacts you the most? What emotions do you feel for that character? Does he/she remind you of someone else you know? Of yourself?

I think Pony boy has the greatest impact because he has such heart and a lot happens to him at one time.

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