Technology U2 Mash-up reflection

In technology class we have been making a mash up, at the begging of the unit I made a “check list” of things I thought were appropriate for the mash up. In my checklist there is one thing I did not follow and that was ” Must be short clips 5-7 seconds long.” The reason I did not follow that one is because there was to much of the video(s) that I needed to use for me to follow that one

I think my product could be improved by having a better quality sound, I say this because the screen recording on quick time didn’t record the sound. This was a very last resort, but I had to do an audio recording of sound from outside the computer and play the two songs so that they match up with the video I had recorded.

This is one of the songs called “Calon Lān” and it was preformed live on Britans got talent. The other song I used was a music video of “Scream and Shout”  by Will.I.Am feat. Brittany Spears.

I think I used the design cycle quite well, I got quite high grades in them. However when I was making the MU as well as designing the MU I did not use the design cycle that much because I like to do things at my pace.


What is a historian

In the video that I made it was about the past three genrations in my family. My grandmother, my mother and my self. In the video I talk about what has changed, what they think has changed, what they did etc. However to get all this information I had to talk to my mother and interview her, and then I had to interview my grandmother over the phone. My main message was to show how much difference there is even after all this time. Especially in Cardiff.

If people had technology back then it would have been a lot easier. However it might change the way we live today. Some might say that we would be living with flying cars. This would change the way we think. It would change the way we have a view of things. For example we could see Americas stereotype to a diffrent one.

I think this has changed the way we live, the past that is, and all the way we do things

Jamie Machin 8A