Technology U2 Mash-up reflection

In technology class we have been making a mash up, at the begging of the unit I made a “check list” of things I thought were appropriate for the mash up. In my checklist there is one thing I did not follow and that was ” Must be short clips 5-7 seconds long.” The reason I did not follow that one is because there was to much of the video(s) that I needed to use for me to follow that one

I think my product could be improved by having a better quality sound, I say this because the screen recording on quick time didn’t record the sound. This was a very last resort, but I had to do an audio recording of sound from outside the computer and play the two songs so that they match up with the video I had recorded.

This is one of the songs called “Calon Lān” and it was preformed live on Britans got talent. The other song I used was a music video of “Scream and Shout”  by Will.I.Am feat. Brittany Spears.

I think I used the design cycle quite well, I got quite high grades in them. However when I was making the MU as well as designing the MU I did not use the design cycle that much because I like to do things at my pace.


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