Drama Journal entry

Today in Drama class we focussed on attitude, relations and status. We did activities that showed that we either higher or lower status than the other. This could also be known as master servant roll activities. The master servant roll is basically one person is the master, this person has a lot of the control. This persons body language will have very confident parts to it that will be easily visible, such as the persons chest might be sticking out due to their very high confidence. Or this persons voice could be very posh and/or could have a very high statues laugh a very ‘put on’ one.I think this has really influenced me in a big way because, this can influence me in my real life situations. For example when we did the game when we had a job interview, one person was the giving the interview and the people that made up the circle were applying for the job. The things we said and some of the questions that were asked could help us when we actually go for a job interview. That one game in particular is a game that can help us trust each other, and show each other that we can work off each other.

We are now working on a bit of improvisation games for our trip to Phuket, when we face BIS in a few drama games. We have been looking a lot into tension and seeing how tension can be seen in every day life. For example the shock of the unexpected is one of the tensions we learned about, a simple one is being asked to marriage. If you really act as the character you will feel the shock as much as the audience, because that who the tension is for. The audience.  We have also worked on this one activity where Jake had a dagger and he was going to attack Shiho. The rest of us stood in diffrent parts of the room, then we stood as a wall behind Shiho and then Jake did a slow walk to Shiho and went for her. Then we made a horse shoe around Shiho, Jake did the same thing. Finally we made a horse shoe around Shiho and this time we snapped our fingers at the same time and went from slow to fast, as Jake got closer. As a group we decided we felt the most tension in this.We also did a listening exercise, where we partnered up. One of the partner was wearing a blindfold, and the other was giving the other one directions, if we touched an obstacle then we would start again. In my opinion, this gave a bit more trust between us all.

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