Its me!! Jamie!!


This is my about me page and me is Jamie. I live in in Yokohama, Japan, and I go to YIS (Yokohama International School).  I am fully Welsh. I am in the sixth grade. I am 11 years old and I have lived in 5 diffrent countries including Japan. In Japan I go to YIS. My favorite foods are:  fish n` chips, pizza, rib eye steak, cream egg and chocolate. My favorite things to watch on TV is: the WWE, Football ( soccer ), Ski jumping, come dine with me, come fly with me, american idol and UFC.

I have had a blog science August 2010 and there are still a few things I need to learn however they are small things and very important. When I do learn about these things I shall be a pro. When I do become a pro I will try and make a second blog! If I do make a second blog I will probably be a it older since I am in the sixth grade, and I am a beginner blogger. I started blogging  when I was in my first Technoligy class, in YIS,  and have not stopped since, and I will mot stop untill I leave YIS. As the time goes by I am in middle school I will learn more and more about my blog. There is also some other things I did to make my blog such as my brainstorm and my refelction.

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