Art reflection

In art we just finished a project about line drawing. Our Significant concept was “Line can be used to convey shape, texture and tone”.We will be assessed on being able to use shape texture and tone. And the Unit question was “How can we communicate visually?”  We will be assessed on being able to use shape texture and tone. Here is a link to the Unit 2 wiki

honestly when I saw this I thought I was going to get the worst grade out of all my grades. However now I think I did really well for example I have never been good with shading. Like never. But when I started my mountains I think I really made it right. My layering I also think I did well with because I think it looks really affective and it really stood out. I think I need to improve on my details such as my sky. Some people said “is that your sand?” And I responded “No! Of course not it is my sky!” In the part in my sky hatching I think I realized that I messed uphalf way through and thought that I should continue how it was.

At one one point I used a technique that we learnt in the last unit called slow drawing. It was for my water and it may not look it but I spent the most effort and time on each part of water. I think in the first lesson I wasted a lot of my time and distracted other people so in the next project I think I need to think about that. I think have improved my overall artistic skill but only in the line drawing area.

Here is my drawing

Now this is the thing we used to layer  our drawings here: 

Art over and over reflection

In the last unit of art we did over and over, where you get 4-6 soft lino and and you make a pattern that could continue. I think i did pretty well on the rolling part because when I did my rolling the ones I picked out were perfect and at the beging I will admit that the first few werent that good but I learnt from my mistakes and then the four, that I choose out were the once I thought wow I did that!

The things I would do better next time is when I trace it on to the soft lino I would try to keep the paper a little more still because I think I moved it around a little and so that caused me to make my pattern look a bit differnt. The other thing I think I could have improved on is not carving as deep as I did, next time I would try not to have it at such an angle