Allez Viens En Arles

A. Les arenes romaines, le musee Reattu,

B. Les Rencontres Arles – Parc des Atellers – A festival, which displays photography.

Musee Reattu – 10, rue du Grand-Prieuré, 13200 Arles, France – Museum of art, which displays artwork of both Picasso and  R    eattu

Les arenes romaines – Arles – An arena where you can see bullfighting, plays and concerts.ée_Réattu,

C. Saucisson d’Arles – Sausage, olives and cheese.

Daube de Boeuf Arlesaine – Beef stew

D. Vincent Van Gogh – He is currently deceased – He lived in Arles in the 19th century – He is renowned for his famous pieces of

E. Plats : Dish

Arenes: Arena

Rencontres: Meeting

Daube: Stew

Romaines: Roman




How was Hélène’s weekend?

She only did her homework, watched tv and read books so it was boring.

Did Magali have a good weekend? Why? Why not?

She went to the antique theatre with Florence and other places so it was fun.

Do you think Magali likes Ahmed? How can you tell?

Yes because she describes Achmed as kind, gentle and nice.

Why does Magali have to hang up?

Her dad wants to use the telephone.

Qui a fait ça, Magali ou Hélène?







Put Magali’s activities in order according to Un week-end spécial. 

A quelle personne correspond chaque phrase?

Magali’s father






According to Un week-end spécial, what do you say in French … 
C’est (name) à l’appareil.
Tu as passé un bon week-end?
Qu’est-ce que tu as fait?
Attends une seconde.
Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé?
What do you think happened to Magali at les Baux?
Since les Baux has a lot of famous people that comes from there. She probably saw someone famous.

French work


1) I am waiting for a train

2) To attend.






The way you see the difference between a cognate and a false cognate is when you, look at the way the word has been used and the structure of the sentence it’s self. If the structure is diffrent to the cognate then it is a false cognate if it is the same as a cognate, then it is the same as a cognate.


Mousseline afrricaine de petits legumes


These dishes are not easy to make because it says in the text and then the they are quite expensive due to the fact that there is a lot if ingredients.


You need to chill the dough at 200 degres celsius and you need to chill them at this temperature for ten minutes.


You need to cook the corn for 30 min and then the dish will taste salty.


Une des poireaux

un demi-litre d’eau

un demi-kilo des oignions

un kilo des champignons

1) faire bouillir l’eau que vous avez pendant 30 minutes à 75 ° C
2) Couper les poireaux que vous avez et les onnions et les champignons (laissez une tranche de poireau)
3) Après avoir fait bouillir l’eau pendant 30 minutes, vous l’conbiner les vegitables hachées
4) Ajouter le poireau sur le dessus pour la décoration

Chapter 8 Mis en train

Activity 1

1) I think it is the morning.
2) Mme Diomandé wants Djeneba to go to the super market for food for the lunch
3) 250 grams of peanut butter, onions, tomatoes and lemons. I also bought a pack of butter, tomato paste, bread and rice.
4) A guest arrived with out the mother knowing
5) I think the daughter forgot to tell the mother that she invited a guest over without permission

Activity 2

1) Vrai
2) Faux
3) Faux
4) Faux

Activity 3

1)                                                      2)                                                                                  3)









4)           5)


Activity 4

1) Aminita
2) Mme Diomandé
3) Djeneba
4) Djeneba
5) Mme Diomandé

Activity 5

1) Encore du pain?
2) Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.
3) Tu me fais le marché?
4) Il me faut…
5) Il me faut..
6) Voulentrez

Activity 6

Ma Mére aller les courses. Ma mére aller les coures OK honmokuwada près de YCAC et mon maison


Activity 1

1. What are Isabelle’s plans for tomorrow?

1) Dance class
2. What day and time of day is it?  
2) Day time 
3. Can you name three places where Mathieu suggests they go? 
3) Cinema, Eifel tower, homework 
4. Can you name three things that Isabelle prefers to do? 
4) Cleans, shops, and go to historical places 
5. What do they finally agree to do? What problem remains?  
5) They decide to go to the cinema but they can not agree on a movie 
Activity 2 
1. Isabelle aime aller au zoo.  
1) False 
2. Isabelle a un cours de danse. 
2) True
3. Mathieu aime la musique de Patrick Bruel.  
3) False
4. Isabelle aime bien les musées.  
4) True
5. Isabelle veut voir un film d’horreur dimanche après-midi. 
5) False
Activity 3
1. Isabelle propose d’aller au palais de Chaillot. 
1) 2
2. Mathieu propose d’aller au zoo. 
2) 3
3. Isabelle propose d’aller au Sacré-Cœur
Activity 4
Choisis les activités qu’Isabelle veut faire et les activités que Mathieu préfère. 

aller voir un film comique 
aller à un concert 
aller au zoo 
aller voir un film d'horreur 
aller au musée 
faire un tour en bateau 
faire une promenade au palais de Chaillot 
aller au Sacré-Cœur
go see a funny movie 
a walk to the Palais de Charillot
go for a sail
Activity 5
1. aller au concert de Patrick Bruel?
1) Voulez-vous aller ? un concert de Patrick Bruel?
2. aller au Louvre?
2) Voulez-vous aller au Louvre?
3. aller au zoo?
3) Voulez-vous aller au zoo?
4. aller voir Dracula?
4) Voulez-vous d'aller voir Dracula
a. je déteste les zoos.
a) Dsol mais je deteste les zoos.
b. je préfère aller voir un film comique.
b)Dsol mais je pr?fre aller voir un film drle.
c. je n'aime pas trop les musées.
c) Dsol, mais je n'aime pas les musmes
d. je n'ai pas envie.
d)Dsol mais je ne suis pas intress?
Activity 6
How would you react to Mathieu and Isabelle’s suggestions for the weekend? Which would you choose to do? Why? Compare your answers with a partner’s

I would say yes to all the suggestions. I would choose Mathieu because I prefer scary movies and prefer to go to the zoo than go to a Palas in France.

Allez, viens à Paris!

A. Before you begin exploring the internet, write the name of something you associate with Paris for each of the following categories.

Tourist attractions: Eiffel tower

Famous People: Andre the Giant.

B. Can you guess which famous sights in Paris these clues refer to? Write the name of each tourist attraction under the the clues. Also add one additional clue to the list for each sight.

Le Second Empire, Charles Garnier, Le Chandelier, Les Concerts = Parc de la Villette

Le metro Saint-Paul, Le Marais, Henri IV, Les aristocrates =  Place des Vosages

1670, Liberal Burant, Louis XIV, Le dome =   Chaped

Moderne, L’Arc de triomphe, les statues de Joan Miro, Le cube =  Arc du triomphe.

C. Research the Web sites and choose two monuments or buildings in Paris that you really like and compare them.

I like the Eiffel tower and the Louvre because not only do they have thousands of years worth of history but they took such a long time to make so there for making them even more historic than they are.

Key: Underlined= question. Bold= My answer. Italic= clues. Underline + Bold= Answer


Here is my french Homework.


Mes ex pressions favorites

En classe, nous avons dû trouver des expressions différentes, et les mettre dans Wordle. Les plus grands seront les leaders d’opinion dans ma celui que nous utilisons en classe plus que les plus petits.

In class we had to find different expressions, and put them in wordle. The bigger ones will be the one in my opinon the one we use in class more than the smaller ones. The translate is just for the category its in.