What is a historian

In the video that I made it was about the past three genrations in my family. My grandmother, my mother and my self. In the video I talk about what has changed, what they think has changed, what they did etc. However to get all this information I had to talk to my mother and interview her, and then I had to interview my grandmother over the phone. My main message was to show how much difference there is even after all this time. Especially in Cardiff.

If people had technology back then it would have been a lot easier. However it might change the way we live today. Some might say that we would be living with flying cars. This would change the way we think. It would change the way we have a view of things. For example we could see Americas stereotype to a diffrent one.

I think this has changed the way we live, the past that is, and all the way we do things

Jamie Machin 8A

Human Reflection

I enjoyed how this project was such an open choosing and how you could choose the time of year and what year as well as country. I think the annotations and the drawings were the best and the disadvantages was the time we handed it in was three days late so I think that could have been our biggest downfall. Next time maybe I would want to say a bit more detailed annotations but I would never change the drawings. I think I tribute my part to the group because we split our jobs into two parts one mine was to do the annotations and my partners Claude job was to do the drawing.

The advateges of living in 1850 is that you could have such a relaxed life in and would not have to worry about your iPhone running out or something like that. The disadvantge would be that you would not

Child Labor Debate Reflection and Final Judgment

I think I need to improve on my clearance. I think I am proud of the pace I talked. If I was on the other side I would ask “if you despise child labour that much. Then why did you put your own children, ladies and gentlemen of the jury their own kids, through it in the first place?”

Emily Small, Factory Girl from YIS Academics on Vimeo. The other person in this video is Ellen.

In conclusion to this I do not think child labour should be allowed. I think this because children are still going through education, and if children do not get education they can not go to university, and if they can not go to university then they can not get a good job. If they dont get a good job then they can not have a good life. And you would not wish it on your greatest enemy to make them have their children to go into a factory and work until they will be eighteen. The side that have  gone for child labour are sick and need something done to their head right now! I mean if they took my child and put them in a factory i tell you what they would not know what hit them. And what about the children are rich. Do they get any special things that we dont that dosent make them go work in a factory? Therefore in conclusion to this final statement children are the most important thing in a person’s life and for the children here in the court room I have something to say to you. It wasn’t your parents that put you into the factory. Your parents were the ones who didn’t want it but it was the government who were children once and they know that they dont have the right to take our kids but they do it anyway. Who need the government we can live on our own!!!

As you seen in the second paragraph I did not like child labour and I feel that my side, my character, and my self feel the same way.