Science poster reflection

We have just made a poster on an element that had required us to do research on it and then once we got the information we would put the information, into our own words, on to a poster. My element was uranium and I think that I learned a lot from it. On the One World criteria I think that I would give my self a 7. I think I would give my self a 7 because I think I made everything like that. I made it not only on one part I made a wide variety of parts. In the communication criteria I think I got a 4. I think I got a 4 because my poster shows the element and its local area.

Science water project

In the project we just did we were doing a rocket launch. In the rocket launch it showed us the different ways to acttualy shape the rocket and the differnet places to place the wings. In the first photo below you can see two of the wings, and for those interested there is some coloured wings on the bottom picture, anyway you can slightly see what the places the wings are in. You can see two are opisite each other on either side, and that made it go higger because of less wieght.

In my opinon our rocket was very sucsseful because out of 90 degres the higgest we got was 68 deggres so that is pretty darn high.  When we made our rocket we kind of accted like a group the only problem we had was one person cried because she was so nervous we were going to fail but we diddnt we actualy came first so that was kinda awsome.