Technology U2 Mash-up reflection

In technology class we have been making a mash up, at the begging of the unit I made a “check list” of things I thought were appropriate for the mash up. In my checklist there is one thing I did not follow and that was ” Must be short clips 5-7 seconds long.” The reason I did not follow that one is because there was to much of the video(s) that I needed to use for me to follow that one

I think my product could be improved by having a better quality sound, I say this because the screen recording on quick time didn’t record the sound. This was a very last resort, but I had to do an audio recording of sound from outside the computer and play the two songs so that they match up with the video I had recorded.

This is one of the songs called “Calon Lān” and it was preformed live on Britans got talent. The other song I used was a music video of “Scream and Shout”  by Will.I.Am feat. Brittany Spears.

I think I used the design cycle quite well, I got quite high grades in them. However when I was making the MU as well as designing the MU I did not use the design cycle that much because I like to do things at my pace.


Tech – Copyright

In grade eight tech class we are making a mash up, in this blogpost I will be talking copyright. Copyright can cultivates creativity. I think it cultivates creativity because, if someone has already made something then it makes you think more to think of something you want to make but it still is something no one else has made before. This can help you make a mash up, for example. This seems to make many mash ups. E.g. the video we watched that showed what copyright was, the person that made the mashup got little bits of disney movies and combined them to make the whole video.
So in conclusion I think copyright cultivates creativity


Tech reflection

In technology we are doing how to present naked. I did mine on music, I choose the style of Ignite. We were recorded and our notes that have all the things we have learned about over the past twelve weeks.

When we investigated how to present naked we watched this video about this comedian/presenter that said all the bad things to do on a powerpoint and the things he was messing around with. The main thing that caught my eye was the part where he said “Don’t put every word that your going to say on the screen because that would just be boring”. This had caught my eye so much because when I have done presentations in the past that is what I had done in the past, as well as seen other people do it in the past and get really bored.

When I was planning my presentation I really did not know what I was going to talk about. If I had to be honest I was not to prepared for this unit and I couldn’t care about it at the time however now that I know how to present I find it quite enjoyable.

I said that the presentation was my opinion and it had nothing to do with facts. I think that was a strength, I think this because there could have been someone may have gone home and checked it on the web. As well as other strengths such as: how I spoke clearly and and loud. I think my weaknesses were how I kept rocking back and forth and that could have been quite distracting for the audience. However another strength was that I sourced my sources. I also think my slides were well presented, I think so because they creative, original and have a variety of colours per slide. I think I made a lot of eye contact with the audience as well as them hearing my projection. My introduction was very brief and short but it didn’t really explain much about the topic, it mostly explained about how it was my opinion. However with my conclusion I think I explained what I had talked about and how music can influence our life.  Here is my “slide share

Tech criteria reflection.

1.  Why is it necessary to develop criteria?
If we didn’t develop on criteria then the work that we made could not be graded.
2.  Reflect on the process we used to develop these criteria – was it a good process?  Why?
When we made the criteria it was a time to have deep thinking and think of the appropriate things that would make a good ad. So we spent about 5 minutes talking about a good criteria and then we made the criteria and then we looked back at other ads and see if they were roughly about the same. 
3.  How many criteria do you think is a good number to have?  Why?
About ten because you not want to have too little so you wont have to do that much work. However you dont want to have too many things that makes it too hard to make the ad.
4.  Which of the criteria listed here do you think is the most important for this project?  Why?
I think the part about “It must be able to reach out to the age that the book is aimed for”. This is most important for me because if it wasn’t, it would be it would be a bad seller.

Evaluate Reflection

The Areas of Interaction (Aol) are: Human Ingenuity, Health and Social Education, Community and Service, Environment and Approaches to Learning. The one I think I used during this tutorial project is Environment. I think I used environment because in all my other classes we use paper and if we make a mistake we just use more paper so were not thinking about the envierment, however the only type of paper we use is recycled paper so thats a good thing and the only other thing is computers.

My pros in this project were: that I used software that I never used before (iMovie) and for that would say I did pretty well. I think my main con was that I could of used a bit more help from a friend to say a few things wrong. Such as at the beging you saw my nose for about 2 seconds and there was about 9 seconds where you saw nothing except a blank white wall.

The IB learner profile I used was thinker. I think I was a thinker because I had to think about the all the different  words in the script and wether I should put different parts in the tutorial. The reason that took so much work is because I wanted to make it  perfect and I think I did just that.imovielogo[1] And another reason it took a lot of work is because the apple computer I have been using it for about a year and next year when we have our own I will I will defently experiment with my apps on my laptop. And this is first time I had used iMovie so I defenatly had to think very hard.


Create Reflection

In this unit, of making a tutorial, I have learned: how to use iMovie and because this is the first time I have used an apple computer and it has been challenging for nearly a year but now that I can use a lot more tools like iMovie and garage band etc. It will be a lot easier for me to make a tutorial. When it was pier edited by Kazuki he gave some good feed back and it will be a lot easier to make one.

I am really happy with my finished tutorial and it took only four lessons so there I am about as proud as ever with one of my projects. The main part I am proud of is the part when I tell about the part when I give the discrition of the plant life all over the world because all the plants in the world are being cut down and when I said ” there is 46% plant in Asia, 36.57% plant in Europe and 68% plant with south and north America combined.

The easy thing about making the tutorial is making the script which took me about half an hour but the but the actual hard part was making everything for  the tutorial and the actual recording.

I would say my tutorial needed a piece of music and it needed examples for the different pages they could go too for the things I explained in my tutorial and the different things they might have seen.

I think I need to make an even better tutorial because there is a lot of things I havent used and this is the first time I have used things to make a tutorial so it was a little hard and there was a few things that I didn’t know about so I couldn’t us them but I say for a beginner I did pretty darn well.

How to use an Atlas from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Plan Reflection

In this second unit of Tech we have been learning about tutorials and in this unit we have we have looked at tutorials and we have been making short tutorials and this has proved that for our final project it is going to be tough because when we do make our own major tutorial it will requier a lot of skill and a lot of practice so it is going to be about a month untill the final project is going to be handed in but that will that will go by pretty fast. With our teacher Ms. C there is a lot of things she has showed us and a lot of skills we will need to reqier. In this prjoect it will be all on the web so it will always be anonamus as usal as I say my full name on this, wich is never. The other had thing that was also in this project was analyzing other tutorials like the how to draw graffti which is also on my blog. I also have my plan.

My tutorial will ensure my viewer will learn the skill that I will show because I will show because the viewer will see why they use an atlas and I will show some parts of the maps they use, and some parts of the map they didn’t know. In the atlas they will know what an atlas is and why we use it.

The other things I need to do to complete my tutorial is a person to film me, of course, but then I need to be able to recognize what I need to tell and when I am going to but that is why I have a story board. I also need to keep checking my timetable for my unit and then I will defiantly be able to finish every thing on time

Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 3.37.39 PM

Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 3.15.17 PM

Investigate Analyze

This is the video I chose out of the 5 video I had to do for my tutorial research and this is about a man drawing graffiti.I will chose the graffiti because I have just started to become attached to graffiti and in the graffiti video it is very well detailed and is very precise about what you do on the video even thought there is no sound. It may go fast but in a way for my mind it went pretty fast.


I am happy with my blog because I have taken my time with it and I every lesson I am only on task. If I could change something about the project it would be that my brainstorm I would add one or two extra sections. Such as maybe a lot of other counties in the world that I have been to. Or when I went to a WWE event and how much I loved it and what it is going to be like in the summer.

My strengths in this project were that when I did first start I was 3 lessons behind however in that one lesson I managed to do all that 3 lessons worth in one. Once I did that I felt very proud of my self. My weaknesses were that when I did my about me page for the first time I kept linking to the wrong page so it took a bit longer than it should have to write my about me page.

The things I have learnt in this project that does not involve technology is, how to use a blog as telling what has happened and how it happened. This is how I have been better to communicate with other people on line as well as in the real world.