Grade 7 semester 2 goals

I think I need to be a bit more of a communicator. I think I kind of keep to one group and only talk to other people when it is on Facebook or when I am assigned to do something with them. I really need to talk to other people and not just one group of people. However I think I can be very knowledgeable, but it is just a simple “hi” or “sup” so yea I think I need to change that.

In our school values at I think I need to be a bit more supportive of other people because when I see someone depressed “I ask them are you ok?” and if they say “yes” then I just leave them be. However if they say “no” I will still leave them be so I need to change that.

My time

Hello plz (I am now going to plz)

On the screen shot below you can go to the place below to see the place I went to to see your time management. Right now I can have another 2.75 hours. I think I am very afcient

Grade 7 Begins!!

The new school year has started in YIS and it is with an uber cool homeroom teacher Mr.C. He is also an art teacher. The task he set us in tutor today is the task of making a pie chart and about how much we use are new mac. We talked about how much we really need our computer. And of course some humor.