Drama Journal entry

Today in Drama class we focussed on attitude, relations and status. We did activities that showed that we either higher or lower status than the other. This could also be known as master servant roll activities. The master servant roll is basically one person is the master, this person has a lot of the control. This persons body language will have very confident parts to it that will be easily visible, such as the persons chest might be sticking out due to their very high confidence. Or this persons voice could be very posh and/or could have a very high statues laugh a very ‘put on’ one.I think this has really influenced me in a big way because, this can influence me in my real life situations. For example when we did the game when we had a job interview, one person was the giving the interview and the people that made up the circle were applying for the job. The things we said and some of the questions that were asked could help us when we actually go for a job interview. That one game in particular is a game that can help us trust each other, and show each other that we can work off each other.

We are now working on a bit of improvisation games for our trip to Phuket, when we face BIS in a few drama games. We have been looking a lot into tension and seeing how tension can be seen in every day life. For example the shock of the unexpected is one of the tensions we learned about, a simple one is being asked to marriage. If you really act as the character you will feel the shock as much as the audience, because that who the tension is for. The audience.  We have also worked on this one activity where Jake had a dagger and he was going to attack Shiho. The rest of us stood in diffrent parts of the room, then we stood as a wall behind Shiho and then Jake did a slow walk to Shiho and went for her. Then we made a horse shoe around Shiho, Jake did the same thing. Finally we made a horse shoe around Shiho and this time we snapped our fingers at the same time and went from slow to fast, as Jake got closer. As a group we decided we felt the most tension in this.We also did a listening exercise, where we partnered up. One of the partner was wearing a blindfold, and the other was giving the other one directions, if we touched an obstacle then we would start again. In my opinion, this gave a bit more trust between us all.

Technology U2 Mash-up reflection

In technology class we have been making a mash up, at the begging of the unit I made a “check list” of things I thought were appropriate for the mash up. In my checklist there is one thing I did not follow and that was ” Must be short clips 5-7 seconds long.” The reason I did not follow that one is because there was to much of the video(s) that I needed to use for me to follow that one

I think my product could be improved by having a better quality sound, I say this because the screen recording on quick time didn’t record the sound. This was a very last resort, but I had to do an audio recording of sound from outside the computer and play the two songs so that they match up with the video I had recorded.

This is one of the songs called “Calon Lān” and it was preformed live on Britans got talent. The other song I used was a music video of “Scream and Shout”  by Will.I.Am feat. Brittany Spears.

I think I used the design cycle quite well, I got quite high grades in them. However when I was making the MU as well as designing the MU I did not use the design cycle that much because I like to do things at my pace.


Tutor think before you post!

1.  Are there certain ideas, or social messages, that influence the kinds of photos that girls typically post? How might these attitudes affect the kinds of photo comments girls post amongst themselves?

I think the certain ideas that influence what girls typically do online, is Selfie’s and photoshop.

2. Are there certain ideas, or social messages, that influence the kinds of photos that guys typically post? How might these attitudes affect the kinds of photo comments guys post amongst themselves?

I think some guys try and be funny online.

3. Are people aware of their online images? Do they try to make themeslves look certain ways? Why or why not?

I think people do try to make look them self look better. Because they want to look better.

4. Do we have different expectations for how girls and guys should look or act online? If so, where do we learn these attitudes? If not, why not?

Yes because of the peer pressure from school or past postest.

5. How aware are you of how you comment on other people’s photos? Do you think this differs for guys and girls?

I dont care what I comment. I dont think it differs.

Field studies day 3

Today we all woke up early to get breakfast because we were all starving, it was a beautiful breakfast. we all wanted to just get straight into the activities. We went to NAC and got told our groups. On that day I went kayaking. It was such a long bus ride, however it was worth it. On the way to the island I was with Harri however on the way back I was with Hemanth, because on the way there apparently me and Harri were too fast and needed to go with the people that weren’t as far to the front. So on the way back it was very easy to tell that there was a tide because when me and Hemanth was paddling we kept getting pushed to the side by the tide and got extremely annoying. At one point one of the NAC staff members had to help us for a little bit because thats how strong the tide was. When we got back to civilisation we got our kayak put back and our and our wet suit taken off, I needed a little bit of help with the boots. On the bus me Eva, Daniella and I played card games the whole time. It was quite amusing how Eva lost all the time.

PE international rules football project

How to Handball:

Put your other foot forward

Pull your weight forward.

Rest the ball on your hand for balance making sure not to toss it up.

The hand that has the ball moves forward.

The ball makes contact with fist


Make sure that the ball is ahead of the target so the target can run on to it.


How to kick:

Hold the ball with two hands

If then with the side of your non kicking foot will let go so the side that will kick the ball will be holding the ball ON THE SIDE

Drop the ball on to the kicking foot

Make the ball drop on your shoelaces

Put as much as the body over the ball as you can whist your foot is going back

Then while your leg is going forward make sure your foot is pointing down.


In movement, there is two main important things you need to do. One of them is two pull your defender away to create open space for another person with the ball can come through and let them have a shot at goal.


Internationalism is when two country’s, or more, come together and not have a rivalry but a truce. If there was no internationalism in the world then there would be no chance at world peace, and if there is no world peace there is no sports to play with against other country’s. If there is no sport to play with against other country’s then there is the same games against the same people and it gets boring. As well as not being able to show sporting spirt.


I think sporting spirt is multiple things it could be when one man is injured in a football (soccer) match and the other team kicks it out so the trainer can come on the feild to look at the injured player, or in rugby when the referee is called sir or ma’am. However the sporting spirt is most of the time with players not the referee.


I think that sport is the main thing that represents sporting spirt. For example in the football world cup there is a lot of internationalism because for example there was a football match between North Korea and Japan. When the Japanese sung there anthem North Korea was booing. In that game there were five fights three red cards for North Korea. That is a sign of BAD sporting spirt.


The benefits of the world coming together through sport are: that it is entertaining for no only the players but also the fans, it can cause celebrations if a team wins. There are trophy’s for games when two country’s play each other, for example: In rugby there is a trophy for when Argentina face Wales or when New Zealand face Australia. The down falls are that: it can cause violence, it can cause two teams to hate each other for example, this isn’t internationalism but when the Glasgow Rangers face the Glasgow Celtic when they came together to play football they started to hate each other. And now it has turned into a very physical rivalry and the two teams do not shake hands before a game. So this is a sign of bad sporting spirt and sportsmanship.


An example of sporting spirit is when the 2000 olympics in Sydney took place. North and South Korea decide to make one flag. The flag had the shape of the whole of Korea, it was blue with white around the rest. When I saw this it was after I lived in Korea. It really shocked me when I found this out because I used to live in South Korea and I know that the two country’s despise each other, so to find this out is a really big surprise. Another example is there was a boy as a running back for a High School American football team and he had never scored a touch down. This boy had down syndrome. At the playoff game the Illinois Hawks let the New England Panthers score. After the boy scored the touchdown the defense came over to congratulate the boy. In 2007 it made the play of the year on ESPN. The boys identity did not want to be told on television.


I think internationalism is not the main reason we watch sport. I think we watch sport for entertainment, for excitement, the emotion, the violence, the happiness of wining, the dramatic part of losing. However internationalism might not be the main reason we watch sport but it is a reason we watch sport. There are many reasons we watch sport but I just honestly do not think we watch sport because of internationalism.


I do think it wise to pay millions of dollars on international sporting events because it can bring countries together it can change the world. But when a country does spend that much on a sporting event it attracts tourists and when it attracts tourists that country receives money because lets face it no tourist is not going to spend money when there on holiday. And then the people that want to see this event have to pay money to get tickets to go to the live event. And people would much rather go see the live event that watch on the television. It will also make entertaining rivalry’s, excitement, drama emotion the happiness of wining, especially when it is the home country,  and the sad part of loosing.

So I think the world plays because we want to see a great match up we want to see excitement, physicality, sportsmanship, we want the fans to have fun as well as the players. Everyday people think of new ideas, new teams, amazing new thoughts on which teams should play each other. If we didn’t have these amazing people, as well as fans, then when the world plays each other then it would be boring.


In criteria A I think I got a 7/8. I think I got this because I show everything that the rubric says. Such as: Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of principles, techniques and rules related to the physical education topic or activity. I think I have shown this because I know the game form rule to rule I know how to handball before we learnt it in class and when I learnt how to kick, according to my priers, I got it straight away. The reason I gave myself an seven not an eight is because is because, I do know how to do proper movement but I do not know when it is always the right time too use it.


In criteria C I think i got a I think i got a 9/10 because i do think i can kick correctly I think that I hand ball m and I think i have shown not only basic skills but also complex skills such as bear hug tackling, and elbow tackling. And the things i would change next time is to be able to create more space.


In criteria D I think I got a 8/8 because I know this sport can be very dangerous And Therefore when i get tackled I make sure i do not force my way out of the tackle and play on. I handball, or kick. I make sure there is no violence involved as much as i can parting the part of tackling.


On va au cafe?



1) They are brother and sister.

2) They are at home

3) They decide to go to the cafe

4) The Mother

5) Chole cant find her wallet




1) Chloé invite Sébastien à aller au café.

2) Cécile commande une menthe à l’eau.

3) Chloé commande un jus d’orange.

4) Le serveur dit «Bon appétit!».

5) Thomas demande l’addition.

6) Chloé ne retrouve pas son argent




1) On va au café? = Désolé. J’ai des devoirs à faire

2) Qu’est-ce que vous prenez? = Trois trente-cinq

3) C’est combien, les coupes Melba? = Je vais prendre une menthe à l’eau

4) Qu’est-ce que vous avez comme jus de fruit?  Nous avons du jus d’orange, du jus de pomme…



Drama Reflection

We have just finished a unit in drama about mime. Mime is a tequnique that requires the following: good acting. Easily able to change your facial expression asap,  you have to pretend that you are always in the area you act, you are in. And of course you can not talk. These are the thing’s that make a good mime. And that is the main teqniques we learned in the unit. I think my pro’s were that I think I worked well in group’s. The one time I remember was making a mime the last mime act that we did. I was a person with a heart attack, Rohan was a person that was sick before I came in, Katie and Sena were the nurse’s, and last but not least Bernardo as the doctor. I will never be able to forget that one because I required so much planing and I think I really helped out in that part. I think my con’s were that I tried to hard a bit and did a bit much for all of my mime’s.

If I could rate my self I would rate my self, on a scale of 1-10. I would rate my self a 7.

Thank you