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Student  Led conference goals:

1. To finish all the quick quiz questions in math on time.

I am not that good at math even though at some area’s I find really easy some area’s I find really hard. Such as when we only have 10 minutes for a quick quiz sometimes it could take me 2-3 minutes and the times it could take me 11-12 minutes. So one of my main goal for math in the 7th grade is to be better at math and be quicker at quick quizes in math. I dont think I have met my goals just yet because I need to get all or one wrong under 5 minutes. And there are 50 questions so I should be really getting all of them right but I’m not so I need to improve in my free time. One of the people that can help me with my math work is Kazuki. Is a national olympian in the UKMT and is till to be decided who is the person that won the national UKMT.

2. To put more detail into my art work, especially my shading.

In art I am not good at it, at all, but when it comes to shading I really have to concentrate really hard. However the other kids in the grade do not have to concentrate because they find it easy and when they find something easy they do a really good. So for the 7th grade I want to improve a lot on my shading. I dont think I have met my goal just yet but I think I will soon. The reason I think I havent met my goal is because when I am having free time I do not practice any thing I need to improve on. So that I another goal I need to improve on is ” practice on my school work in my free time.”

3.Proof read my english so I can find the mistakes

The english exam I had, I think I could have gotten a better mark if I proof read it a bit more. If I proof read it a bit more I would have gotten a bit more of a mark but I got a low mark and that was my fault so, I will improve on that later and in the 7th grade I think I will have improved a lot on my proof reading. I dont think I have reached my goal yet. However I will probably reach this goal very soon because I have been working on it ever since February.

My main Humanities work I am proud of in Humanities is my project I did on Phenix Arizona. The slide show is below. This did help me (believe it or not).This helped me in my goal of proof reading my keynote and try and fix all the mistakes. Now here is the presentation on my Humanities prestation on Phoenix, Arizona.


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