Sports et passe-temps à Québec

  1. You will read the brochures posted by your classmates to get an idea of their likes and dislikes in terms of sports and pastimes. You will also find out what the national sport is in their country and who their favorite athlete is.
  2. You will reflect on how “Sports define the culture of a community”
    1. Try to find common likes and dislikes among yourselves and what sports culture exists at YIS.
    2. Please reflect briefly on your participation in the cross-country event on November 10 and to what extent you interacted with the students of Ishinomaki. How did you feel about participating together with those students?
  3. Refer to your national sport to reflect on our unit question “How has sports been influenced by the environment?” Try to find out through the history of your sport how the environment may have had an influence on its development.
  4. Our Area of Interaction was “Approaches to learning”. Please write your reflections on how you approached the study of this unit and what  you have learned about your studying habits. Try to answer those two questions: “How do I learn best?” and “What skills do I need to be successful in this subject?”
2. I think the most popular sport in Y.I.S is football, basketball and baseball. Although this is an international school I think American sports are popular since most of the people in Y.I.S are American despite football originated in England. I think the least popular sport is golf. Not many people seem to enjoy it probably because it is not a school activity. In cross country day I didn’t really communicate with the Ishinomaki students. Running with them felt great knowing how difficult they’ve come through. I beat my PS time probably because of that.
3. I think that football also known as soccer changed the world a lot. It is the most popular sport in the world. Millions of people watch it and it is a cultural game as well. Depending on which culture you come from it totally changes on how you play.
4. I learned best by concentrating more and participating in class more. I think I have learned a lot across this entire unit. I think you need to have a rough idea of the rules in French. This is a international school so I think it is an advantage since you already know one language it will be easier to learn another one.

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