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Hi guys, as many of you may know, I usually use my blog as a place to share the fun moments I have during my daily life to keep a record of the great events that happen in my life. However, today I want to talk about something else. Today I would like to talk about one of the bravest and righteous woman in the world, Hillary Clinton. As all of you probably already know, she is one of the candidates for the next president on the United States. As I was looking through social media and reading about random articles on politics, I came over this one article that honestly, came to my nerves. It was about a man called Michael Savage referring to Hillary as a “old nag” that “may not make it to the finish line” which he was implying of the presidency of Hillary. The word “nag”,in my opinion, is very offensive and also partially sexist, in how it is usually only used to refer to annoying woman. Also, he mentioned how she “looked awful” which again, was completely unnecessary but you know, when you diss a woman you have to diss their appearance don’t you. This Savage guy has nothing to do with politics, and clearly does not understand how hard Hillary is trying, and how he is just being an complete a******.


I also came over another article that was under the ‘related articles’ section which again, was about Hillary and on that article, she was referred as being an “ice queen”. There’s two problems with this phrase. 1. A ice queen is usually an arrogant, cold and mean woman which is nothing close to what Hillary is. 2. Again, a sexist and gender biased way of calling a woman. Of course in America we respect the First Amendment which includes freedom of speech to everyone. However, this kind of absurd and false language should not be tolerated in our community. It was probably written by another hidden trump supporter, which is disgusting and horrendous in how some people think that that man is sane and actually has a functioning brain.

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The photo on the side popped up on my twitter account, and I ‘love’ how they have to comment on her appearance. Again. Fat thighs and small breasts are nothing to be ashamed or shy about, because it does not affect who you are. It definitely does not affect one’s leadership or personality. Whoever created this just had to comment on Hillary’s appearance because of course, appearance is everything for women and all books should be judged by their covers right.

As we speak of this topic, I always wanted to mention to the world how sexism is so naturally blended into our community and daily lives, that some people do not notice how rude and offensive they are being. What I always notice is the use of gender-biased and stereotyping words towards woman. This includes words such as “Fireman” “mankind” “policeman”. These are only one of the millions of words that everyone uses that is obviously more favoured towards men for no reason. Also, through looking at gender-biased words, there are these words such as “dramatic” and “bi****” which are words that people use only to describe woman, and have no male equivalent words for. Without noticing, this kind of sexual violence happens all the time around us, and only some people realise how it has blended into our culture. This has to stop. There are problems such as gender wage gaps, discrimination of women and lack of authority for women, which are the big obstacles that we have to come over in the future. However, I think that we have to start with the small problems and problems first, and gradually build these small efforts up to the point where it starts making a difference. For me this was to tell people when they were using gender-specific or gender-biassed words for women and men, to get rid of the inequality between the genders

Going back to the original topic, the reason that I support Hillary is because of her charisma and dream of empowering women within our country. There has never been a female president in the history of the United States, and people do not believe in her to be the next leader of the country. This is why I support her. She is a real life representation of feminism;not believed nor fully supported, but can definitely lead to many people feeling more safe and equal within our community.

This post ended up being much longer and serious than I expected, and I thank all of you that sticked with my arguments and kept reading this post to this point. I know that I’ve already repeatedly mentioned this throughout this post, but women’s rights have to be more seriously considered, and we have to start eradicating the small forms of sexism that happen around us without notice. Please give it a thought especially if you’re a man, because we are suffering much more than you expect.

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  1. Now that I read this post, as a woman I realised how people tend to use words that are sexist against us. I hope that everyone notices that these things should not be happening, and I hope that gender equality is brought to our society.

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