Moral Dilemma

Moral dilemma is basically an ethical perplexity.

An example of a situation: There is a fire in a museum and you will have to save either an ancient artwork, but does not have any value to sell, or an immoral person who is ill and a heavy drinker. You get torn between conflicting demands on this situation, which is difficult to make up your mind.

Do animals have morals

If animals have morals, are they the same as human morals?

Many animals have a moral compass, and feel emotions such as love, grief, outrage and empathy, a new book argues. Social mammals such as rats, dogs and chimpanzees can choose to be good or bad. Because they have morality, we have moral obligations to them. Some research suggests animals have a sense of outrage when social codes are violated. Chimpanzees may punish other chimps for violating certain rules of the social order.

Not everyone agrees these behaviours equal morality, however. One of the most obvious examples, the guilty look of a dog that has just eaten a forbidden food may not be true remorse, but simply the dog responding appropriately to its owner’s disappointment, according to a study published in the journal Behavioural Processes in 2009. Also, animals don’t seem to develop or follow rules that serve no purpose for them or their species, suggesting they don’t reason about morality. Humans, in contrast, have a grab bag of moral taboos, such as prohibitions on eating certain foods, committing blasphemy, or marrying distant cousins.

CAS Evidence Reflection

For CAS activities, I am currently in part of Japanese music ensemble, HS dance company and GIN Environment Group. For music and dance, I learn how to synchronies with others as in playing a piece as a group, or movement for choreography. For GIN, we are trying to be a role model for younger grade students and making the YIS greener by growing some plants. Also, to make sure to keep our place clean, we do cemetery clean up once a week per group. However, not only growing plants or cleaning up make our environment better. We are aiming to keep in track of rubbishes by separating them.

I am not really sure about the relevance of school subject and activity. However, I think dance club might help me for PE someday. I also haven’t thought about transferring knowledge and skills from the classroom to the real world as well, so I am not sure with that point at the moment.
(Evidence photos)…
2015 Play Perform Create-12-XL

GIN Environment Group Reflection

In GIN Environment Group, we try to make our environment greener, by growing some plants. We also go to the cemetery near my school to clean up by sweeping leaves or pulling out weeds. On food fair day, we were divided into groups, and sold some of our plants we have grown. It was surprising, but good to see some curious people, who actually bought the plants and made us a profit.

This activity involves students from different grade, who I don’t talk to often so it was challenging to get used to working with those students through this activity. Also, I haven’t really had an experience of planting, so it was difficult at first. My main failures were that I wasn’t that engaged into the whole group when planting something, so I most of the time just stared at people working, or sat still looking on my computer. If I did the project again, I think I would try to be in part of this group by buying some fertiliser and those stuff.

One event that I have worked collaboratively with a group was a beach clean up we did yesterday at Yuigahama beach in Kamakura. It was a simple job that we just pick up some trashes or cans lying on the beach, but I think I was corporative to my group. I am aware of my strengths and weakness from the first meeting, especially about group contribution and communication, since it is always the same with any activities.

I think my awareness of the environment increased since I joined this group. I think I am now interested in planting, and as I planted something with a group, I think I understood the global importance. This activity benefit other people for getting a chance to talk to students from different grade, and thinking about global importance from the project.

“We see the world, not as it is but as we are.”

In an original (your own words) post on your blog explain the degree to which you agree with the statement from the Talmud, “We see the world, not as it is but as we are.” Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to help you demonstrate higher levels of analysis and insight.

I agree with the statement that people do not have a same world view. There are several categories that make people’s view change on one thing.



There are variety of ways people see things by culture (mostly country) changing. In Japanese class, we have learnt about colours, and how people from different countries see the object’s colour differently. One of the examples was a colour of an apple. Japanese people are familiar with red apple, so they will answer “red”. However, in other countries such as U.S., the colour of an apple can be either red, green or yellow. This colour opinion occurs for the colour of a sun as well. The teacher asked small child to draw a picture of a sun. The Japanese child took a red crayon, and scribbled a circle with it. However, that made the other countries’ adults surprised. In those countries, the colour of a sun is usually yellow or white. It is rather said that red is a colour of a sunset, not the normal sun on the sky during the day time.

Object is not limited to the opinion of colour. “Orange” makes people’s opinion split, since some people consider the light brown colour orange. On the other hand, some people argues that light brown is “brown”, and it is different from “orange”. In that way, there is an interesting view difference between culture in this one world.


Age matters with world view change as well. I think most of the people can relate that as you get older, your thoughts improve, and the way you think about things more in mature way. When I was very young, I was scared of death. It sure is weird, thinking about death in that age, but I couldn’t help being afraid about losing consciousness and leaving people who I love, and never become alive again. I also thought it is physically and mentally painful. However, as I grow up, I feel like I’m saying “I want to just die or disappear”, or “Nothing will change, even if I don’t exist in this world” very often and easily, and no longer scared of death. Not only myself, but maybe a lot of people must have thought that way. Young children are all pure, and feels everything is big and impressive compared to older people. If I become an elderly person, things I usually think about in teenage time will definitely change.


Religion affects people’s worldview as being in part of the religion, and believing in something that your parents had taught to you. The Europeans have rejected their historic Christian cultural foundations in favor of a secular faith. As a result, this has left them vulnerable to the takeover of their cultures by aggressive religions that seek to dominate other cultures. In particular, the Muslim religion is moving in quickly to dominate the nations throughout  Europe. People who have a strong faith with a well developed worldview will always dominate those people who have no well developed faith nor worldview.

Beyonce Friend or Foe to Feminism

In English class, we have been looking at feminism, and the music video related to the topic. We watched Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)”. I personally thought, it is difficult to claim whether the song is promoting or undermining feminism. I think this song is made for promoting, but it rather came out undermining feminism. As I see some of the blog posts, most of the writers were commenting that the lyrics does not make sense and it is making the issue worse as in men’s side. One blogger states: “Some of them men think they freak this like we do” doesn’t make sense, I have no idea what this means. Also, “41 rollin’ to let you know what time it is, check” doesn’t make sense. I search on the internet and no one else could understand what that means either.

The lyrics itself says positive things about women such as how the woman is smart and powerful, and they can make money as much as the men do. However, as visually, it just looks like women make a man weak by scantily clad clothes. This seems anti-feminist. This won’t obviously change woman’s overall position in the world. They are just showing off their sexuality. Men will like to see it but that’s as far as it goes so, no change for women.

Lastly, I didn’t get why the girls salute the men at the end. It made them appear like they were saluting to their superior/boss (the men). Not only myself, but some other people on internet has been wondering about that mysterious last scene. Beyonce tried to raise many positive facts about women, and that became a one song, but it did not become a combat of women discrimination.

The Medium Is The Message Write-up

There are many types of media around us today. Television, internet, magazine… these media sources are indispensable to our daily life. Grade 10 chose a topic that they are interested to work on, and gathered information from various text types responding to the topic. Then, we combined information with some pictures and made a poster. We did a gallery walk to see other students’ posters, and I observed three posters: “The Guardians Of The Galaxy”, “Body Image” and  the musical “Into The Woods”.

1. The first poster I saw was Katie’s poster. “The Guardians Of The Galaxy” is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. There were articles and trailer of this movie, and some opinions of audiences were included. Some people enjoy the comic, but some loved the movie.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.55.41 PM

2. Emily’s poster defined “Body Image” as a person’s feelings of the aesthetics or sexual attractiveness of their own body, which may be forced onto them by others or social media. In media types, there were advertisement, photoshop and speech. There are several factors, which affect body image such as an experience of prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity. When taking a photo of women, there are many cases of photoshops being used.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.56.02 PM

3. The last one I saw was “Into The Woods” poster by Sasha. “Into The Woods” is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. Media types are article and magazine. Sasha also did a personal interview with one of a cast in this musical. There were information in an internet article and a magazine, but each source was biased. In that sense, she thought that the personal interview was most helpful.

Sources and links:

Source 1 (Playbill article)
Source 2 (Theatre Review)
Source 4 (DVD Advert)
Source 5 (screenshots – the link did not work, so I used screenshots of the article)
Title page and some last part of the article:
 Source 6 (Editorial)


Overall, “The Medium Is The Message” helped me learn about the topic I am researching about deep, and other people’s posters were interesting to observe. It was a bit challenging to analyse through notes, but I think that this was also one of learning through this project.

Reflection on Shamisen and Shinobue experience

Include introductory information about the instrument, and discuss the challenges you faced and your accomplishments.
What insight has this experience given you into Japanese music in a broader sense.

Through couple of weeks, us grade 10 worked on learning how to play Shamisen and Shinobue. Shamisen is a remodelled version of the snake-skin covered “sanshin” or “jabisen”, which came to Japan from the Ryukyu islands in the Muromachi period. On the other hand, Shinobue is a Japanese transverse flute or fue that has a high-pitched sound. It is found in Hayashi and Nagauta ensembles, and plays important roles in Noh and Kabuki theatre music.

Through two of these instruments, I found that Shinobue was challenging. I have no experience of playing flute, so before learning the pitch or melody, I couldn’t make a sound out of the instrument. Therefore, I chose to do Shamisen. Shamisen is a same string instrument as koto, and the way of reading a score wasn’t that difficult. However, keeping the position while playing was challenging. Even though I do seiza while playing koto often, it is still hard to keep sitting like so for whole lesson. Also, tuning wasn’t really easy to do, since it is different from how to tune koto. For tuning Shamisen, I needed a strength on my arm, since it is a bit tight.

I am not sure about “insight” from the experience of playing Shamisen, but I think I was able to learn an instrument that I don’t usually learn in daily life. It is different from typical instrument people play such as piano, so it is unique. I also realised that I might sort of be confident playing string instrument. Even though this time I could not master Shinobue, I was satisfied by learning Shamisen, which was a new experience and it was one of an instrument that I wanted to try once in my life.


INS 10C – Synopsis of Stanley Milgram Obedience Study

I looked at the Stanley Milgram Obedience experiment. Miligram obedience experiment is an experiment, which is held under insular environment. The challenger (subject person) have to follow authorities instruction, and psychologist observe psychological states of that person.

Challenger will get 45V electric shock beforehand as an “experience”, and feel the same pain as a “student”. Afterwards, “teacher” and “student” will be separated into different room, and they are only able to hear each other’s voice through intercom. The main part of this experience is that challenger will not feel physical pressure such as getting threatened by a weapon or mental pressure such as family becoming a hostage.

The “teacher” will first read out two matching word list. After that, he will read out one of the words, and ask corresponding words from four choices. The “student” will choose one answer from four choices. If the “student” gets correct answer, the “teacher” will go to next word list. If the “student” gets wrong answer, then the “teacher” is instructed to run electric shock to the “student”. In addition, the first voltage is 45V, and as the “student” mistakes an answer, the voltage will increase by 15V.

In this experiment, the challenger believes in that the voltage is increasing, but actually it is not. However, in each voltage strength, there was a “student’s” voice that is complaining a pain through intercom, which was recorded beforehand. Therefore, as the voltage was increased, the reaction of pain became bigger.


Dance Unit

Throughout the dance unit, students attempted to teach their dance to audience in same group. I was working on an individual dance. I used Pitbull’s “feel this moment” for warmup dance, and for the main dance, I have lectured the dance with Japanese song. Since there wasn’t a slow tutorial, I have lectured by myself, using a mirror. As I have mentioned in the planning document, my first aim of the dance lesson was to teach the “culture” from the dance. My second aim was to teach the enjoyment of the rhythm while moving the body along the music.

Before teaching, I did image training of how to teach each movement and how I should divide the steps. When I actually taught the students first I noticed that it isn’t easy to make them patient and listen to me. I especially have mild personality, so I cannot raise my voice to get attention. However, the dance went somehow successful, and everyone did follow my lecture. Although it might have been difficult to students, since I also took time to memorise the dance, I think it was an entertaining experience to teach each other’s dance.