Steam, housewives and stereotypes.

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Everyday, we subliminally drawn into advertisements because of the clever traps companies set which we fall for. This advertisement is a solid example of one of those, and in this case, the product is a steam cleaner used for cleaning house floors. The target audience is women who are at the age to live in a house, about 20 and above. Another manipulative method that companies use are stereotypes.  The main focus of this advertisement is the woman and the steam cleaner. The woman is portrayed as a housewife, Bissell uses selective clothing to portray this. Bissell is reinforcing that all housewives’  or womens’ main role is to clean the house. The advertisement is suggesting that all work regarding cleaning the house should be left for a housewife or any woman to do because that is what they are meant to be doing.

In the photograph she is wearing a headband. This conveys that she regularly does work, which in this context would be cleaning the house, so she requires her hair to not get in the way. Additionally, her rolled up sleeves also suggests so, because she will be using her arms often when cleaning the house and her sleeves must not get in the way. The presentation of the product plays a key role in selling the product. Her arms are folded as she holds the product being sold in this advertisement, this makes it look like she is proud of the product so the customers would catch their attention by thinking that the product would be useful. Bissell uses the woman in the photograph as an figure of authority, because the audience is targeted to people who has a similar age and role to the woman in the advertisement. This is an example of the bandwagon effect, it  makes the customers think that the product will be reliable because they will think if the woman in the advertisement proudly uses it, then it must be a good product. Furthermore, from the product of the advertisement there is steam coming out of it and the woman is surrounded by steam. Bissell did this in order to appeal its functionality, so the customers can visually have an understanding of what the product is capable of. Of course, Bissell exaggerates the amount of steam being emitted from the product and even make it surround the woman so the customers would catch their attention.

Bissell manipulates the text and font in which a way that would be appealing to the viewer. The bold text would be the words that Bissell emphasises, such as when it states the floor types the product can be used in. “Deep Clean” would be the most emphasised phrase in the advertisement with the largest font size of them all, and the large font acts as a hook which lures the viewers attention into the text,  a subconscious action to the viewers. This is a essential technique for Bissell, because it allows the reader to notice appealing words and want to read more information about the product, thus ultimately resulting the customer to purchase the product.

Bissell strategically selects language that would appear and sound the most appealing to the customers as possible. In the catchphrase “Get a deep clean with steam clean.” Bissell uses rhyme and repetition to attract readers. Deep, clean and steam are all rhyming words and the meanings of each word is associated with the product’s function. Clean is repeated twice, this suggests that Bissell attempts to highlight that the product is very capable at cleaning floors. Also, Bissell uses a rhythmic iambic pentameter by stressing the key words (Deep, Clean, Steam). The keywords are all single syllable and stressed, which further engages the customer and increase the chances of the customer buying the product.

In conclusion, Bissell uses various methods to draw customers into buying the product. The company utilises the image of the advertisement, text and font, language and stereotypically portrays the figure of authority to increase the chances that a customer will purchase the product.  Bissell used appearance of the figure such as clothing, pose and used steam to focus on the functionality of the product and allow customers to perceive it as effective at doing its job. The company uses attractive font types and language to pull the customers interest into the product. These alluring features the company plants in the advertisement is what really is why customers cant resist the temptation of being attracted.

Medium is the message

There are numerous methods to advertise and present topics in various medium. The “Medium is the message” gallery walk was held in Ms.Cox and Mr.Kew’s room. Each student created a poster focusing on one topic that the student is passionate or interested in. The students looked at at least five different text types to show how the topic they chose can influence how we interpret it. I looked at three students’ posters and recorded my observations and ideas that I thought was interesting.

Alex focused on Alternatives to Nuclear Power.  The intention is to convey how different medium raises awareness of the disadvantages of Nuclear Power, and potential alternatives to Nuclear Power. The mediums he used are PSA video, Blog post, News Article, Poster and political cartoon. The target audience was people who are over 14 years old, from anywhere around the world. The target audience is people over 14 because, 14 would be the age where the person would be mature enough to be concerned about the environment and how nuclear energy is affecting it. Alex mentioned that Asia is the most concerned, and active in resolving nuclear power problems. From observing his poster, I found that the source of each medium that he uses is significantly different. Alex mentioned that the political cartoon and PSA video are the most effective text types, regardless of the fact that they are visual and used minimal words, whereas the news article and poster were entirely factual.

Kate focused on a controversy caused by a comedy movie.  The intention is to convey how the public reacted to the Sony hack and the unethical plot of the movie through various medium. The medium she used are Poster, Movie trailer, USA today opinion column, magazine article and BBC news article. By observing her poster, it was interesting how the opinion based medium differs to the Movie trailer and poster. The Magazine article and BBC news article only summarised many peoples opinions, in one articles. In addition, the political spectrum would play a large role on the magazine article and the BBC article’s perspective to the controversy. However, the opinion column lists numerous peoples opinion, with all different perspectives.

The interview trailer:

Adam focused on a Italian clothing brand called Vercace. The intention was to convey how Vercace uses methods such as celebrity endorsement to widen the audience and increase the sales of Vercace. The medium he used are Instagram post, Music video, TV advertisement, Magazine cover and article. The poster shows how Vercace utilises partnerships with celebrities and other brands to widen the audience. It was interesting how Vercace was once a rather unpopular brand until they collaborated with a globally recognised brand, HM to widen the audience. Vercace also used celebrity to wear Vercace products so the audience would feel envious of the celebrity, which makes them want to purchase the product. Adam mentioned that Vercace used indirect celebrity endorsement in a magazine cover. The name Vercace was not used in the magazine article, the celebrity resembled the trade mark of Vercace instead. I was not aware of the existence of indirect celebrity endorsement.

Adam’s poster:


In conclusion, by observing and listening to various peoples posters with different topics it is evident that the majority of text types includes social media and relates to celebrity endorsement, including my poster. I think this is interesting because regardless of what the person’s topic is, celebrity endorsement is always used through social media. It was interesting to observe patterns between peoples posters.





Design Criteria

Inquiring and Analysing

In inquiring and analysing you organise and gather you information from either primary or secondary sources.

Developing Ideas

In this criteria you plan the actual project or or product from analysing the information you got from research.

Creating a Solution

In Creating a Solution you create the final outcome, the solution. It is better that all processes are followed by the plan that had been been created in the Developing Ideas stage.

This stage is when you follow the plan you already have and create your final product. The final product is called a solution.


At this stage you have already created the final product, and you will be evaluating it. You will evaluate what you were successful about and what needs improvement. This stage will help improve future projects.

Sensory Deprivation-English

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to lose all you senses? Lose you sense to see, feel, hear, smell or taste? Lose the ability to socialise with friends or eat your favourite food?  There is really no way I could experience this but the closest way I can recreate this is to shut my self in a dark room with no sensory input for 20 minutes. Before I did the experiment, I thought that there would be no way I could even make it 10 minutes without getting bored. 

When I started the experiment it was hard to relax and not think of anything, but as time passed I felt that I was gradually starting to wind down. I started to lose awareness and subconsciously started to see random thoughts come and go and I forgot that I was even doing the experiment. It was almost like I was hallucinating. It was a very strange feeling because I was blocked out from the outside world, and trapped inside my own.

The alarm clock rang and opened my eyes the first feeling I felt was a sense of relief. I thought that the experiment wouldn’t work prior to the experiment but I think I was able to get many responses.  It was an interesting experiment, but I think it wouldn’t compare to actual sensory deprivation. It is hard to imagine what a person with deprived senses’  world would be like.

Futsal Reflection

During our futsal unit we developed various different skills, and we achieved this by doing drills and practise. We had to come up with our own drills in our group and I felt that leadership plays a curtail role in this. In one of the drills, our group was assigned the warm ups. We discussed the importance of warm ups, and how it prepares us for the day, so came up with an simple and effective warm up. By doing this I think we were able to interact with others and share our ideas well. We also watched other students progress in the sport, which was very interesting.  I felt that the futsal unit was my favourite out of all so far, and I enjoyed it very much. I think I was able to work on my leadership skills, which I think is my weakest skill. I was able to get to know other people personally, and in the sport. From this unit I learnt many different new things and I think it would apply to my other units.

Futsal unit

In the futsal unit I think i have improved and learned new thing in many different aspects. For example I think that my accuracy in passing base improved. I also learned that teamwork is much more efficient than dribbling the ball on your own.   I realised that looking at the court and keeping you eyes open plays a crucial role in  teamwork. Also, calling for the ball and communicating is also very important.

I think that making my own drills has helped me a lot in building my skills. I focused on keeping balance with dribbling passing and control. This has improved my confidence and skill.

Overall I enjoyed the unit and i looked forward to every class in PE it was also very nice to see my peers improve I’m soccer.



Educational Scratch Game



In order to make an educational scratch game, you must know the fundamentals of it and also what scratch is capable of producing.  I have looked at 3 different games as an example to my final product. Mainly I will be focusing on simple mathematics.  I am focusing in mathematics because it is the most practical since its going to be addition subtraction etc. The main objective is getting children to enjoy and learn.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.40.14 PM


This is an 0 to 20 addition game. I think this game is very easy to understand and also enjoyable. The controls are very simple and the addition questions are also simple.  As you progress in the game the level of the game gets higher which means the addition gets more challenging. This is a very good concept and it will let the players have an objective to the game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.47.55 PM

From playing this game I noticed that it is very interactive and enjoyable to children. There are many interactions in the game and the dog walks you through it. I think that this game is rather complex compared to the previous game because it  uses up to 3 digit addition problems. I think this game is recommended to slightly advanced children in mathematics.


This game is an subtraction game. From playing this I noticed that this game uses a different concept from others. This game focuses on mental subtraction. The game asks you simple questions that you must answer mentally. As you get the questions right and progress in the game, the questions become harder. I think this is a great way for children to learn and enjoy math.

I will be using these games as an example for my final product.








Value visit

We visited the kindergarten class and we were able to interact with the kids in kindergarten. I think this was an important experience for us, but also for the kindergarteners. Its important for us to interact with younger kids because they will be influenced by our actions and they look at us as a role model.