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Wow, that was quick! Our Project 2 in Technology “Teachers of the future!” Criterion A: Investigate has finished!!! That criterion Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 8.45.02 PMtook about 3 weeks. In that three weeks, we did 3 things. First, we did a tutorial research which we saw 3~5 tutorials and filled in the questions. The questions were “List the things in the tutorial that would help you improve your skills”, “What did the creator do well? Why was it good?”, and “What was hard to understand? Why wasn’t it helpful?”. I think I putted in lots of detailsScreen shot 2011-02-14 at 8.51.12 PM and made it fantastic. The second activity was to embedded your favorite tutorial from your tutorial research to your blog post and typed why you chose it. Then, you go to two other student’s blogs and comment their tutorials answering three questions in the assignment sheet. I commented on Leo’s blog and Yong-Won’s blog. After we did that, we had to make a presentation of a technological skill that people needs help with. I mad a presentation about how to add a pet widget on your blog because some people asks me. Finally, we need to write a reflection, which is this 😀

Just I mentioned before, I commented on Leo’s blog and Yong-Won’s blog. Watching those two tutorial, I learned how to backflip in Leo’s and how to ollie in Yong-Won’s. But if it was a technological skill, I learned that using high-quality camera and detailed advices will make a successful tutorial video in Leo’s, and speaking in clear voices will make a good tutorial video in Yong-Won’s. I think these things could support me at my final assessment 🙂

I learned lots of things in the Investigate. I think it is because it is my first time to make a tutorial to help people/audiences/viewers. For example, I learned that making tutorial is a hard thing to do… but making tutorial is also fun. Also, I learned that using clear voices and other things can lead to a successful tutorial video. I can use these points to make a great tutorial by using these points in a proper place. Because if you don’ t put it in a proper place, there is no point of inserting it in.

Comparing with the best tutorial video I chose in my tutorial research and the presentation above, I now need to learn to give specific details to the audience so that the audience would be 100% sure of how to do it. Also, using voices because we didn’t use voices in our presentation. Additionally, making the background more attractive so that the viewers will have a interest in the tutorial video. To summarize, I need to learn more of making a successful video 😉

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  1. Yeah, nice reflection Masaki. Indeed, I think you did a great job in this unit. Your tutorial was really easy to understand, and really good. PLEASE comment on my blog if you can!! 😛
    Also, nice blog!! 😀

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  3. Fantastic work Masaki! Your reflection is thorough, detailed and includes links to all of your work on this stage of this project. It’s clear that you learned a lot during this part of the project. I think your final tutorial will definitely benefit from all of the examples you were able to watch during the investigate. Looking forward to seeing your storyboard next!

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