Grade 6


1. Start learning hard algebraic expressions in Math.

2. Improving my Mandarin skills.

3. Getting better at Technology.

Reflection about the goals

I think I met almost all goals except for No.1. I didn’t achieve No.1 “Start learning hard algebraic expressions in Math” because we just learned easy algebraic expressions, and didn’t learn any hard algebraic expressions such as “Simplify 5(3x-4y)x7(6x+9y)”. Besides, I didn’t practice math at home since I now practice English stuff now. Additionally, I always did homework, which I didn’t had a free time to study for Math.

I met No.2 “Improving my Mandarin skills” because I practice  a lot in Mandarin class. Also, I have expand my vocabularies in Mandarin after a month. For example, I have expand my vocabularies of Sports such as 打棒球 (Baseball), 踢足球 (Soccer) and 保拎球 (Bowling). Also, I learned all of the writing sequences of the characters I have learnt this year.

I really achieved and improved on my technology skills since I learned a lot of points that might help me in the future. For instance, I learned things to make a successful tutorial which might help people at math, sports or other categories. Also, I wrote a reflection (Evaluate) more than 1,200 words with good contents in. I also made other reflections which are lo~ng but still includes accurate informations. To summarize, I think I really improved on my technology skills, so I met my goal.

Well, my very good highlights in 6th grade were the Technology Reflections. The reason is that those reflections shows how I improved in this year. Besides, these reflections shows the summary of the criteria in the unit (Becoming a Blogger!, Teachers for the future!). Here are the assignments + the reflections;


Unit 1: Becoming a Blogger!

InvestigatePlanCreate, Evaluate

Unit 2: Teachers for the Future!

Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate


Unit 1: Becoming a Blogger!


Unit 2: Teachers for the Future!


My another good highlight is my tutorial! It is because I learned a lot of things.

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  3. Masaki, What a great learning tool. I am sure you are enjoying learning with technology much more than the traditional way. You should thank your teacher for helping you have this experience.

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