My final drawing:










My first drawing:









This unit was about line drawing. Our unit question was, ‘How can we communicate visually?’. We first practiced using different techniques for our final drawing. Techniques such as, cross hatching, stipples, vertical straight line, horizontal straight lines and others. We drew our first drawing of field studies to know what it is like to draw with lines and stipples.

















At the start of this unit when we drew our first line drawing, I didn’t really know what kind of techniques I should use. Comparing my first drawing to my final drawing I think I made a lot of effort. My final drawing was more balanced than my first drawing. You couldn’t really see where the sunlight was coming from in my first drawing because most of the part was dark. The light and darkness on my final drawing was balanced and you can see where the light is coming from and also the light part of the boat and the dark part.

What I need to improve on is maybe studying Van Gogh‘s line drawing of trees, mountains, houses that are in my final drawing. I used the techniques that Van Gogh used for his drawing of a mountain. I did study the drawing but my mountain didn’t really turn out like the Van Gogh mountain. If I studied the drawing more carefully, I would of recognized the patterns and techniques Van Gogh used to draw his mountain. Van Gogh’s drawing had a lot of different techniques so it really helped me research the techniques on different objects.

To improve my drawing, I think I needed more time to plan. When I was choosing my drawing, I didn’t really study Van Gogh’s line drawings of mountains, houses and trees. I kind of just chose a picture I liked and started drawing that. As a result, it was hard for me to draw the buildings. But with the help form my teacher I was able to use that technique and make the buildings look like a building.

I researched the gradation of the light on the Van Gogh drawings. The water in the Van Gogh drawings were gradually getting lighter and the lines were getting shorter as it went far. I used that technique in my drawing and it became more realistic than the water I drew before that. I think the the background was the easiest to draw, the reason is although drawing my background was hard, it didn’t need that many details then the midground and the foreground. The hardest was the foreground because you had to add a lot of details into it and if you make a little mistake the viewer can see clearly.

Overall, I had fun doing this unit and also it was my first time doing this kind of drawing so I learned a lot about it. I never really knew that you can make a drawing out of just lines and stipples.

Kate 🙂