Dilemma 1 : You see a person rob a bank / person so you went to go catch him. However, you see that the person was a young boy around the age of 5-8 and found out he robbed the bank to help his family.

Dilemma 2 : You are a automotive mechanic and you are helping a customer with their car. A celebrity / rich person tells you to fix their car first and give double the money to help them.


Truth, Modernism, and Postmodernism

To what extent do you “care whether your beliefs are true” 

In my personal opinion, I care about my beliefs but I do not care as much if it is true or not. I believe that people have different opinions and beliefs from me and I want to be opened and do not want to diss peoples beliefs. I think that we should be able to justify why we believe what we do and be able to tell other people.

Beliefs are something that everyone has different opinions about. Some people can be very defensive and be single minded about what they believe in. I think that people should be careful of what people say about their own beliefs and understand that people have different opinions about what they believe. I do care about my beliefs and believe that some of them are true. However, I do believe in other opinions and not very single minded because I think that there are other possibilities of something than what I think personally.

In conclusion, I do believe in my own beliefs strongly but I do believe in other beliefs as well. I do not think that my own beliefs are 100% true. By sharing the idea of other people and mine,  I think that I will be able to have further knowledge and be more opened minded.

“We see the world, not as it is but as we are.”

In an speech that Stephan Covey did on Paradigms, he mentioned a quote that said “We see the world, not as it is but as we are.” I agree with this quote because depending on your own background, you may see the world differently as other people. Depending on your social background, history, ethnicity and the environment that you were in when you grew up, the level of different expectations will vary and the perspective of how you see the world will be different as well. In blooms taxonomy, the base is knowledge. This is going to be the foundation of anything. Depending on these areas, it will change the perspective of how you are going to comprehend, apply, analyse, synthesis and evaluate.

Would you buy this magic eraser?

Product: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Products are being advertised daily by television, billboards, newspapers, magazines and other media to sell products. We don’t notice it but we are getting influenced every day by these advertisements and it makes stereotypes on how people should be and act. One advertisement I came across that showed this was a TV commercial for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that was produced in 2008. This commercial was produced in the United States advertising a house keeping product to keep stationary clean. This commercial is predicted to be for people around the age 25-60 (younger to middle aged) because it is about house keeping and typically around that age they menuld start to have their own houses and start taking care of themselves.

The commercial uses various camera angles to advertise this magic eraser. For example, in 0.0 6- 0.08 it gives a close up of the person using the product and how it is being used. It shows how easily it gets rid of stains and dirt. Also, the background and the furniture in the bathroom is all white making the blue stains stand out. This intensifies and makes the dirt more dramatic so that people will understand that the eraser works good with harsh stains. The tone of the narrators voice is very deep and easy to understand. This allows the viewers to pay attention to what he is saying and it is clear so information can be transferred easily. The background music is not distracting and is similar to elevator music. This allows the audience to listen to the narrator more than the background music because that is going to be the selling point of the product they are advertising.

This commercial is taking place in a bathroom of a house. The main person in this commercial is a woman who is supposedly a housewife because she is the one cleaning the house. It shows how effective this product is and how it makes cleaning the house easier. The colours are washed out but when the product comes out, the colours become more vibrant giving more life into the atmosphere. The focus is mostly on the expression of the woman and the product itself giving it a obvious focus point for the commercial. Other than a woman, there is a man, girl and a boy who assume to be the husband, daughter and son of the family. They are interested in the smell that the magic eraser gives because it is fabreeze scented and they all gather to the bathroom at the end. This commercial uses family because when you have a big family, the house becomes dirtier since there are more people using objects in the house. In this commercial there were two types of stereotypes. The first is the woman who is used to be a housewife in this context. There is a stereotype that the wife of the family has to take care of the house. The thought that the wife of the house had to do all the house chores was popular in the 1950’s. There were many posters  indicating that women should be in the kitchen, house and that was their job. Another stereotype in this commercial is the family. In this commercial there was a mother, father, daughter and a son. This is stereotyped to be the ‘perfect family’ in some American households. The image of the ‘perfect family’ has been changing rapidly throughout the years and some diverse opinion of what classifies as the ‘perfect family’ but this commercial addresses that the amount of people in that commercial is the perfect family.

This commercial is a solid example of using stereotypes to sell their products. The use of a housewife draws attention to other housewives and to buy this product to make cleaning easier and faster. The use of the family makes other people with families want this product as well to clean their house in a short amount of time. It is commercial like these that shapes what society  thinks is normal and roles that people play. We see these things without even noticing it in our daily lives.



Products are not sold just by putting it in the store, but is advertised by different types of media. This draws the audience in and wants to make them buy it by different types of tactics. In the grade 10 English class, we explored how different types of media view and advertise products and made a poster. These were some posters that I found interesting and how they explored media with those ideas.


Jennifer: Gay Marriage

This poster was on gay marriage and how it changes through different perspectives. This person looked at video, commercial, a music video, the bible and a article. The video was a youtube video from a show called Kids React. In this show, it show opinions of kids that don’t know much about the media. In this episode, they were talking about gay marriage and their opinions on it. Most people were very supportive of the idea of marrying whoever they want to but there was one kid who was against this thought. This is believed to be because of his background and he was raised in a very christian house hold. The target audience for this video were people who has access to youtube since this was on youtube. The second media that she looked on were advertisements (commercials.) In this commercial, it was advertising Target and their products but in this video, they showed families and also gay parents. This shows equality between the couples and how it is no different to normal families. The target audience for this were US citizens since Target is only located in the US. The third media she saw was a music video from Same Love by Macklemore. This song and music video is talking about how a person is confused about his identity for his whole life but then he is able to find a community of people who accepts him. The target audience for this are hip hop fans and people who enjoy Macklemore and also people who are having a hard time finding their identity. The fourth media she looked at was the bible. Since the bible states that it is wrong to marry people in the same sex and is considered to be a sin. This is going against the thought of legalising gay marriage. The target audience for this medium are christian people since they read the bible and follow it as well. Lastly, there was an article that was talking about homosexuals in Japan. It was a interview with a transgender person and his life in Japan and some of the movements that he wants to legalise gay marriage since he has been struggling with it for years. The target audience for this are homosexual people in Japan since they also think the same of what they are struggling through. She said that her opinions on gay marriage did not change and she supports this because she thinks that everybody should have the rights to love someone no matter what gender they are and should have the freedom to do that.


Kate: The Interview

In this poster, she talked about the controversy over the movie The Interview which caused a lot of problems since it was talking about North Korea and Km Jong Un. She focused on a movie poster, trailer, article, magazine article and also an article from BBC news. Something that was common in the movies poster and the trailer, it advertised the movie in a positive way since it was advertising the companies product so they wanted people to watch it. Although, the rest of the media showed this movie in a negative perspective because this movie was showing North Korea in a negative light and insulting Kim Jung Un. This made a lot of people mad especially citizens of North Korea. The target audience for the medias are people who like to watch movies since all of these relate to the movie. She personally thinks that The Interview was a interesting movie but is still insulting North Korea so in that sense it is very negative. Something that I observed through the different medias and the poster was that this movie was being criticised a lot from different medias even though they are not from North Korea. It was also very interesting to see that a movie can cause conflict.




Adam: Versace

In this poster he talked about Versace which is a very famous high brand store. He looked at Instagram, music video, TV advertisement, magazine cover and a article. In the Instagram post and magazine, it was using celebrities to indirectly advertise the product. In the Instagram post, there was a famous celebrity who was wearing Versace clothing and tagging them in the post, In the cover there was a famous singer who was dressed as medusa which is the logo of Versace and also wearing their Jewellery. The tv ad was for H&M, a famous clothing brand that collaborated with Versace and was only available in Italy. This was a very successful collaboration and spread throughout Italy. The music video was also advertising Versace products and also included it in the song by repeating the word several times. The target audience for all of the media are for people who enjoy looking at social media and magazines since they were all related. The article was talking negatively about Versace and bringing out the negatives. For example, it was talking about how they are not paying their taxes. The target audience for this are for people who do not like Versace or people who want to read about it. Something that I thought was interesting was that Versace is a high, well known brand but it still has some controversy over the brand and how it can also have negative views,


After looking at all posters, it occurred that different media changes the perspectives of the product. There are also many ways to advertise one thing as well through these medias and show many perspectives to it.


“Stanford Prison Study” (Philip Zimbordo 1971)

In Stanford University, Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist conducted an experiment in 1911 to test how people would react if people are assigned roles. 1971 was a important year because there was a counter culture movement that was going on at that time. He assigned people a role of a police officer or a prisoner. The results of this experiment varied from people to people. Although some people thought it was cruel to see the officers mistreating the prisoners, they did not stop them from doing it. This showed that although people know that someone is being cruel, they still do evil because they did not stop them from doing it. This experiment went on for a course of 2 weeks but it only lasted for a few days since the psychologists believed that it was doing harm to innocent college students.

Freedom of Expression

Dear Editors of The New York Times,

Regarding the article “I am not Charlie Hebdo” published on January 8th 2015, I believe that freedom of expression should be limited based on the horrific event that took place in Paris. Freedom of expression is considered to be an act that symbolises ones opinion about a topic. What people don’t understand is where the line ends. In the article, there was an example of what it would be like when placing the newspaper in a american university campus and how it would be identified as a form of a hate speech. In the case of Charlie Hebdo, it may be hard to identify where the line ends since it is a satirical magazine company. The influence of media has a big effect on others and what caused to trigger the attack to happen in the first place. Although freedom of expression is an act that one does due to a strong belief in something, this act should not be abused and cause other people and groups to start a conflict.

Overall, freedom of expression should be a form of act that should not be abused and should be treated with respect and responsibility especially towards other religions and people. If we choose to abuse the form of expression, it may cause a conflict and even death between groups and people.


Kindergarten Visit

In tutor period, we went down to the kindergarten classes to meet them and spend some time with them. I have done these kinds of visits in previous years and in the summer, I was able to have a opportunity to take care of kids. I like to do these kinds of visits because I get to hear about their interests and what they like to do. When we went down, it was very exciting to see the curious faces on the kids. I got two girls who’s names were Kate and Kae. Overall, I thought that it was a very nice time to be around these kids because I got to read with them my personal favourites and it was nice to see them smiling and enjoying their time with me.



Design Criteria Summary and Challenges

This year, the criteria’s for all classes have changed due to the MYP. Now, all classes have mark schemes up to 8. Last year in technology, the mark schemes were all very different. I think that this was of marking is easier because you are able to know easily what score you got.

Criteria A: Inquiring and Analysing

In criteria A, you have to be able to analyse similar products and have to be able to be inspired to make a solution from it. You have to be able to develop a design brief to present and analyse the research. This criteria is mainly focusing on finding and making a solution to products. Some difficulties I might have for this criteria is to be able to finding the solution first because it will be very hard for me to process what the problem is and will take me longer to find a solution.

Criteria B: Developing Ideas

In criteria B, you have to be able to design ideas with detailed annotation and to make accurate drawing/diagrams of an outline requirements of the chosen solution. Develop a detailed design specification and is able to present details referring to the design specification. The difficulties that I may have in this criteria is to simply develop and idea. In previous years, I will always be off track on developing ideas and when the time comes, I don’t have enough ideas.

Criteria C: Creating the Solution

In criteria C, you have to be able to make a logical solution which describes a efficient use of time and resources. I think that I would have the least problem with this criteria because you will just have to make a solution for your idea.

Criteria D: Evaluating

In criteria D, you have to evaluate/reflect on your whole process while making the product. Including what you did well, what you could improve on and what would you do differently next time. I think that I will have the least problem with this criteria as well because you are just reflecting on what you did throughout the process which is all laid out.


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