Media Poster Analysis

The media poster project is an assignment that gives students the chance to review and analyze an exists topic that is part of today’s society. The interesting part is to analyze the topic from the view of different media sources. Examples of media can be TV advertisements, interviews, newspaper articles, product reviews, etc.

I went around to see some of the media posters made by other people, and I found that there are many interesting topics from some very diverse perspectives.

IMG_0001The first poster that I saw was Sena’s poster about Disney Princesses and how they are portrayed or used across different types of media. Her types of media were: a movie review, a poem, an advertisement, a song and an art piece. The main approach of these types of media varied, but they all used the princesses and their childhood connection with many people. For example, there was a poster art piece about domestic abuse (bottom left part of the poster) which uses Ariel from The Little Mermaid to create a more sentimental connection with the audience.


IMG_0002The second poster that I reviewed was Julius’s which was about propaganda and how it is portrayed across different types of media. His media types were: a poster, cartoon, book extract, youtube interview and an online article. His message was that much of the media is biased and there is a lot of controversy that exists in today’s society.









IMG_0003This was Kento’s poster about time travel. His media types were: a documentary, movie, song, youtube video and an anime series. He talked about how time travel is possible scientifically, but there hasn’t been a way to implement it into everyday life. He also talked about how there are many debates about time travel and how The Butterfly Effect could really damage the events in time.


1971 Stanford Prison Study (Philip Zimbarda) – Synopsis

The Stanford Prison Study analyzed the way that people act when they are subject to a specific role and when they are confined to a specific place or situation. Philip Zimbarda placed multiple students in a jail-like environment, some were prisoners and some were guards. They test was to see how people would act and change over time, even when they already made the conscious decision to be a part of the experiment. Even within a few days, madness started to arise, and the confined space and lack of self-respect changed these students into real prisoners. The experiment was getting to the point where the experiment participants were asking to leave and people were starting to call themselves by their prisoner number. After seeing so much chaos and inhumanity, Philip Zimbarda called off the experiment.

Editorial for InS

Dear Editors of “Unmournable Bodies”.
I would agree with the writer, Teju Cole, that there are many factors involved when defining who is to blame in a situation like the one in Paris, France. There are two sides to each situation, and it is indeed correct to review the two different sides from each perspective, in order to avert the mainstream and create a factual conclusion. Every person does in fact have their own opinion about sensitive topics, the same as Charlie Hebdo and their view on Islamic culture. It is their right to believe and to say whatever they please, however, by looking at the other side, it can be concluded that the opinion of Islamic people also needs to be assessed.
There is a part where the Cole says that each person has the right and should be defended against prosecution if they are simply stating an opinion, without endorsing or promoting it. I found this interesting, because as mentioned in the article, there are many other factors that can change the outcome of the situation. Charlie Hebdo was publicizing their beliefs, and that caused outrage. There is a factor of freedom of speech, but directly offending and demoralizing someone’s beliefs can be questioned.
In conclusion, I believe that the article was very insightful towards the two separate sides, there is organized and formal comparison. The comparison of views between Charlie Hebdo and Islamic people helps to draw the fine line between what is right, what is wrong and whether the right to speak freely still applies.

English Book Recommendation – Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes (The Collected Short Stories)

In Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes, there are a collected grouping of short stories. Many if not all of these stories have a very abstract meaning behind them, usually with an equally as abstract story to represent them. The trailer shows some of the abstract qualities that make up one of the first short stories, which is called The Wind UP Bird And Tuesday’s Women. This book is highly recommended for people that would like to read stories with an exciting development throughout the story, to the most vague yet interesting conclusions.

81lnNlqoj3L._SL1500_ <The cover of the book.

The book trailer that I created, showing some of the significant objects or aspects that were a part of some stories. Music – The Devil.

Short summary of the four criteria for Tech 10

The first criteria (inquiring and analysing) is about setting a goal by adjusting and adding in areas that need to be worked on. This criteria assess the way that the solution/ objective is defined for the project. Second criteria is about creating ideas and plans for how the project’s objective can be completed. Criteria three is about creating the solution to the objective. This means that the plan for how the assignment is to be completed is made. The final criteria is about evaluating the project/ assignment, making a review on what you have accomplished and referring back to the areas that need more work along with a method to improving the process for next time.

I think I will do well to research and make an outline for what I need to achieve by the end of the project. I think that I will do well to make a plan of how to do this and follow the outline of this plan to finish my assignment. I will do well to review my strengths and weaknesses that I had accomplished throughout the project.

I think that I will have trouble setting a perfect goal that I will be able to achieve. Often times I want to do more than just the goal and sometimes I want to do less, because the goal was too difficult. I think that I will have trouble going back to what I could have accomplished, instead of what I did, in the case that there is something that I want to improve. This is because it is often hard to find something that you could do better, considering that you probably tried you best the first time around.

Futsal Reflection PE 9, 2014

For each of the 3 components (Skills, Game Sense & Group Work), give 2 stars (things you did well during futsal) and 1 hope (something you would like to improve for next time… how would you take action on this?).

Throughout our futsal unit, my classmates and I had to organize a particular part of the class, such as games or warm up drills. We did this to develop leadership, organization and management skills. We also did specific drills that would put our ability to test. An example of this was dribbling the ball back and forth an isle of 10 cones. We had to get the ball around each of the cones and we counted how many we got past by the end. In the end we developed a better understanding of the sport and leadership within futsal.

2 skills that I feel that I was good at were finding space during a game and staying active, as to not get caught up in a crowd. I did both of these things by trying to stay of my toes as much as possible and not staying still for too long. For next time, I think that I would want to practice my ball control a little bit more. I found it evident that I needed to improve on this when I was running off the ball, in the 3 against 2 practice drill.

In games, I found that I would have to move up and down the field a lot, especially with the smaller amount of people that we had on each team. I think that I did well to move from one position to another quickly. I also think that I was aware and I made the correct pass quickly, by making an open angle. For example if there was no space in front of me, I would look for the closest or most open person that was either to the side or the back of me. Of specific concepts that I tried to understand, I found it difficult to understand how specific roles worked. Everyone was all over the place and it seemed that they were not in one specific place. For next time, I think that I would create a drill that would practice this, as it is an important factor when understanding game sense.

In group work, I feel that I did well to work with everyone in my group positively. I tried to contribute whenever I could, even if that didn’t apply for everyone idea. I also think that I did well to be aware of where my teammates were, when we played games. Considering other people’s positions on the field was important and I think that I did well to stay consistent in that area. For next time, I would want to make drills and warm ups more organized by working with my group. Some drills were a bit disorganized due to misunderstanding or slow processing, I think that is something that is definitely worth improving on.


3 Educational Scratch Games

In order to create a good educational game, you need to have some idea of what is capable using Scratch. I had to look for 3 effective, educational games that might help me create a good final product. I will mainly be looking for mathematical games, because this is probably where most children lack interest in. A fun game would help them learn better, as they are more interested, and more willing to find answers for the mathematical solution (therefore they play the game and learn something.)

Game 1:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.19.28 PM

This first game is called addition practice. Every time the speech asks for an answer, you have to write in an answer in the bar below.  It was easy to play and easy to understand what you had to do. This would be a good educational game to base mine on. (Link to game).

Game 2:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.29.05 PM


This game gives you different options that help you learn simple maths. This could be an ideal game for a student that wants to learn at his own pace. You can insert your own problems by typing in two numbers that you can add together. You can have the game solve the problem for you, or you can try it yourself. It is a game and a program, it helps you to understand maths in a fun way. (Link to game).

Game 3:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 3.46.58 PM


This game is the multiplication version of the first game that I suggested. This has the same concept as before, but the only thing that I would say differently about this version is that multiplication might make a better game than addition. This is because many kindergarten children would definitely benefit from learning multiplication from a young age.

Tech PSA evaluation

  • Your personal evaluation of your product, based on your design specs

I think that I did fairly well, as my product was based off of everything that I had planned for. Music was something that I did look into with detail, but apart from that I looked into each area quite a lot. I am quite happy with the outcome of my PSA overall.

  • Evaluation of your product based on feedback from your client/audience

I got a few responses and my audience seemed to understand what the PSA was about. They said that the message that the video sent would have been more clear if the music was a little sadder, or subtle. Overall my audience said that the video was good and that it was effective at what it did.

I also asked my friends in person, asking exactly what they might change, and as the survey responses said, they suggested a different choice for music. So that is definitely something that I will have to pay attention to the next time I do something like this.

  • Ways you could improve your product based on your evaluations

I also asked my friends in person, asking exactly what they might change, and as the survey responses said, they suggested a different choice for music. So that is definitely something that I will have to pay attention to the next time I do something like this. I should choose sadder or music that is a little bit less up beat than the one I have right now.

  • Reflection on your own performance through each stage of the design cycle (Investigate, Design, Plan, Create)

My investigation process was quite successful for me, I gathered all of the information that I needed in order to start planning the design. At the investigation stage, I had already decide upon what topic and what kind of video I wanted to make. This was because I had a lot of different examples that I could partially base mine on, which was definitely an advantage.

My design process went smoothly, because I had already set myself up for this stage in the investigation stage before. I thought of a few different designs, and I did my best to look through each area, to see what might be difficult and what areas would be the most important during the PSA. That helped me determine how and where I was going to shoot the clip. The more important it was, the more intense the atmosphere had to seem.

The plan was a little bit difficult, because I decided to simplify the original idea that I had. I had to alter some things, which led to me doing some extra work, so that everything would make sense. I think that I recovered everything well, but I think that I should have considered a ‘simply/ easy’ design ahead of time, so that I wouldn’t have to do all that extra work.

The creation process was basically just reading off of the plan and design, and recording each scene. I had my friends Rohan and Mia help me. They were cooperative so recording each clip was easy and all of the scenes were done very quickly. Same for editing the video. I just put all of the clips in chronological order, added music and added a few text slides and did some visual editing. This process only took about 30 minutes, as it too was planned ahead of time.

  • Discussion of the possible impact your product can have on the YIS community

I think that many people do face this problem, which is something that everybody wants to improve on if not completely fix. Because people already know how important it is to manage time, I think that the message that my video sends will be very clear and easy to understand. My video was made for raising awareness, and I think that I could effectively do that using the video.

PSA link: Overall evaluation

My PSA was about managing time well. I wanted to raise awareness of what kind of situation you may be in if you procrastinate. I was happy with my PSA, because I feel as if it delivers the message that I wanted it to. I found it difficult to find the appropriate music, as the places we were allowed to look were limited (non-copyright music). Even non-copyright websites have many songs that are restricted, decreasing the already small amount of options. I found that this was a minor problem, but overall I think that the project was successful.