Byonce “Who run the World”

Despite the fact that it is 2015, women are still being traditionally regarded as;

– women are flirts

– women needs to look pretty

However these are all false, and women has a power to defy these stereotypes.

In recent years, I listened to many musics that contain words that are disrespectful to women. Such as “bitch”, “hoe”, and “sluts”, which make me think women’s stereotypical impressions are still remains deeply rooted at present. Even though the song, “who run the world” by Beyonce, doesn’t contain these verbally abusive words towards women, it still shows that Beyonce has a stereotypical view to women.

Often women are described as “s****” and “b****,” because of how some women dress or act, and during the video, every women are dressing in a piece of cloth and they are all dancing on the floor. Also when Beyonce and men soldiers are dancing, she is seducing a men by touching them, getting on top, and walking under their legs. It seems like she is suggesting that women needs to be sexy to be powerful and confident. This is stereotypical women which are; “women needs to look pretty” and “women are flirts.” Additionally, Beyonce is wearing a dress that shows her breast and thigh. It is inappropriate for women to wear it , and it is even more worse when they wear it in front of men. It doesn’t mean that women should not wear sexy, but it is just not appropriate for other people.

I strongly believe that women should not gain power by seducing other men by being sexually attractive. Every women has their own natural beauty.

On the other hand, this song give women a strength of standing up. For instance there is a lyrics, “Help me raise a glass for the college grads.” It shows that women has a right to have a higher education.  Women and girls in the developing world are often denied opportunities for education. Lack of education decrease family income, misunderstood of health, puts women and girls at risk of trafficking and exploitation, and it will limit the growth of entire countries. Also some people think that women do not need to go college. For example, recently a prefectural governor said that there is no point women learning sin, cos, and tan.

Many people have negative point about this music. In my opinion it is not respectful music video and lyrics. However by seeing the video from the different perspective, some women can be encouraged.