Tech reflection

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During this unit we had to make mash-ups. I put two album covers together because I thought it was the easiest thing for me to do in the time I had. I made several mashed up album covers, my favorite was a Beatles cover but with dora, barney and other cartoon characters. I think my strengths were using photoshop. Since I hadn’t used it very much before it was interesting to get taught how to use it. It was quite easy to use once I knew how to use it but at first it was very difficult to know how to edit the pictures. My weakness was coming up with ideas. I had a hard time figuring out what albums to mash-up. Most albums were not very easy to mash-up because of the way that it was made but some were quite easy to edit and make a mash-up albums cover. I think my product could be improved by having the cover look less edited. I think that it should look like it was meant to be like that but I don’t think my album covers did that. Also some of them are not edited that well, and have gaps that should be filled with a design. I used photoshop to photo shop my photos.

Here are some of the photos that I mashed-up.

Tech reflection

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I think my strengths in the design cycle were creating example slides. When creating the example slides I thought very hard about which pictures I should chose to make my slides good and so that if I look at the slide then I will know the topic. I also added text to them just because I thought that it would be easier and nicer to understand if the slides had text. I think my weakness was figuring out which presentation tool to use. I chose google presentation because it was the easiest but I could have challenged myself and used a presentation tool I don’t use as much like powerpoint or keynote.
At the end of my presentation I sourced my images so that people know where I got the picture from.
I think my slides were designed well. They were nearly all the same because I wanted a presentation that looks like it is apart of one presentation. The pictures are different and so is some of the layouts.
Since I did not do mine in front of the classroom but I did it on my laptop because I was not here, I don’t really know my volume. When doing it on the computer you just speak into the microphone. I also do not know about my eye contact because I was looking at my laptop screen. I thought my pace was good but I probably spoke a little too fast, but thats my natural speed.
I did not really have a introduction or a conclusion, I just got onto my topic. I did not think that my topic needed a introduction or a conclusion because everything is included in the other slides.

Witness by Martha Collins

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This poem means how complicated relationships are and how being in a relationship is not very good for one of the people or both, even though that person wants to be in a relationship. This poem also shows how people can separate parts of their lives in their head so that person can’t damage anything else in their life. The image is metaphorical image of a person who is locking away her confidence so she doesn’t get affected by a person who is dominating her and taking away her confidence.
This poem is very confusing. There is no surface meaning the meaning is very deep and meaningful. It would be very interesting to know why Martha Collins wrote the poem and what her influence was.
I like this poem because of it’s confusing meaning and how that you have to think to find the meaning. Also because of the structure. There is no punctuation so it’s hard to read it flowingly, because there is no particular way that anybody has to read the poem. This whole poem is a rambling poem because there is no commas or full stops. There are time when you do not know where the sentence starts or finishes. This poem does not remind me of anything. It’s one of those poems that are different, a good different and interesting.
The title has a lot of meaning and it represents the writer and the reader. Martha Collins is the witness of what is happening and so are the readers. We are witnesses of the events.
This poem is sad and depressing so it would not want to be used at a wedding birthday, neither a funeral. There are no events that this poem could be used.
There are no allusions to a book, Greek myth, movie or religion. One of the senses is hearing, an example when hearing is used is ‘she says something now he’ll say.’ There is also seeing as a sense an example of seeing is ‘he will fill up her plate and her glass.’ The poem is sad and depressing and when reading it I feel sad too. It’s sad to see that somebody can take somebody for granted and control them. I feel that if a person has to lock away a part of them because of a person then they should get out of that relationship even though they want to be in that relationship.

FS journal Day 5

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Today we got to sleep in for an extra half an hour or something I do not really remember. After we woke up we went t breakfast, I had bread again. Then we cleaned our rooms and out all of our bags outside our rooms. Then we got on a bus for another two hour bus ride which turned into a three hour bus ride, but luckily we got to stop once and get food and go to the toilet. We arrived at the airport and we were suppose to check in and then go eat but the check in line was so long that we just had to wait. Luckily Daniel looked after Emilys and my bag and we got food for him and for us. After around 20-30 minutes of waiting I check my bag in. Then we got a little bit of time to go get more food. Then we went through security. Then we boarded. On the plane I sat next to James and Aude and we played cards for most of the plane ride which was very fun. On the plane there were other passengers around us instead of infront of us so we had to respect them and make sure that we were not too loud. After we got off the plane we got our bags and we went home. Overall field studies was a lot of fun and I’m really sad that this was my last field studies but it was definitely the best.

FS journal Day 4

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Today I woke up at 6:30, 20 minutes earlier than yesterday. I got ready and then went downstairs to breakfast… I ate bread… again. Then we took the bus to NAC. We got in the dry suits again but this time to go kayaking. We drove to lake Toya. We found a partner, mine was Ellen, then we got a kayak. Then we got in the water. Ellen and I were in front for a lot of the time. Except when the winds were too strong and we had to turn back, we were last then… Then we had lunch which was burritos, but since I didn’t like burritos I didn’t really have much lunch but luckily we went for ice cream! It was one of the best ice cream places in Hokkaido. I got the flavours bluesalt (kind of like vanilla) and chocolate (kind of like chocolate). I also got a smoothing type drink with banana and orange. They were both really yummy. Then we drove back to NAC and ate supper which was meant and rice which I did not really like that much. Since it was our last day I had to pack my bag which took a while since I had a lot of things to pack. It was skit night tonight. All the skits were really good! Then it was bed, we had the same problem with people talking too loud.

FS journal Day 3

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I woke up at 6:50 and then got ready. Then I went downstairs for breakfast. The breakfast was quite Japanese, so there was not much choice for me. I had bread. Then we got on the bus to NAC. Then we got ready to go mountain biking for two hours. The bike ride was not that hard but it was very long. For lunch we ate soba, the soba was really good and yummy. After we went river rafting. To go river rafting we had to wear dry suits, they were really hard to put on, but it was worth it because we did not get wet. River rafting was a lot of fun and really exciting, but the water was freezing. I liked it when there was a lot of rapids and we went fast. Then we went back to NAC and rested because we had time before the other group came back. Then we ate supper which was pasta. It was really yummy, and nice to eat after being really cold. Then we went back to the hotel. We had an hour or two just to relax and then we watched a movie. Then we went to bed, but it was really loud so it was hard to go to sleep.

FS journal Day 2

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We woke up at 6 o’clock which was incredibly early. NAC made breakfast, I had bread and cereal. We had to put down our tents and clean them out. Then we hiked to a ski jump things on the top of the mountain. The hike was not as long as the one yesterday, but it was still long. When we got to the top we got to sit on the ski lift area which was nice. Then we took a bus to HIS where we had lunch, which was amazing. We had sandwiches, fruit, crisps and drinks. It was really good. Then we walked to Agriculture and Tourism High school. We made flower arrangements which was really fun. The flowers were from their garden. The flowers were really pretty. Then we took a bus to a farmers place and we took down greenhouses, it was boring but also fun because we got to talk to friends. Some of the people started playing with the rotten vegetables inside the greenhouses. Even though the vegetables were rotten we should still respect our surroundings. I have realized that I could help the farmers more if they want help putting down the greenhouses because helping the community is really good and it means that we’re united. Then we carved pumpkins which was really fun, and the pumpkins turned out really good and we got pictures with them. Then we took a bus to NAC and had dinner. Other people had fish and salad but I got chicken and salad because I do not like fish. Then we took the bus to the hotel, and got into our rooms. We were in rooms with nine other girls. We had to respect their space. It was very different than living at my home and my room where there is only me. It was very crowded especially with our bags and the futons but we made it work. After we got our rooms we went to bed which took a long time because everyone was talking and was really loud, and since the rooms were all next to each other and the walls were thin you could hear everything.

FS journal Day 1

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Today I woke up at 6:30 to go to the airport. We checked in and went through security. When we were in the airport and on the airplane we had to respect the other people on the plane. The other passengers were sitting in front of us but our grade is pretty loud so the passengers could still hear us. I was sitting next to Yuki but then changed with Ken and sat next to Harri. When we landed we got off the plane and went to get our bags. Then we went on a bus for 2 hours which was really boring, but I was tired so I rested. We got off the bus and got lunch at NAC (Niseko Adventure Centre) , the lunch was a burger and was really scrumptious. Then we went on a 2 hour hike which was really boring and it would’ve been quicker to go on the road instead of going a longer way. When we got to the campsite we split into two groups, one for tent making and one for cooking. I went in the cooking group, in that we split into 6 groups. I was not really sure on who was in my group because some people would just come for the fire that Haakon made. The fire was so hot that is broke the pot that we were meant to cook in, so we did nothing because we could not, but had fun talking. Since my group made no food we had to go to other groups to get food, the best groups curry was the group with all the girls in it. We had to make sure to pick up all of our garbage so we did not litter, since we were in the forest. Then we went into our tents and got warm since it was freezing outside. After some people went to the onsen. I went to the onsen, but I did not go in the onsen because I do not like onsens. Then we went to bed at 10 o’clock. In my tent there was Emily, Mia, Naomi and Sena. We did not really go to bed because there were guys outside our tent, since we were one of the first tents to go to bed, they wanted to annoy us.

Japanese Poem

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When writing this poem I always thought about who I am, and how can I be described by using simple words. I thought a lot about what I liked and dislike, what’s my personality and what I actually do. I think my poem describes me with correct grammar, also I think I used the right spelling. I think that I could’ve included more language to make my poem more detailed. I chose the information I put in the poem because I felt that it was important for the poem. I tried to using rhyming by ending the words in the same hiragana characters like あいうえお. I also used repetition with watashi to make the poem easier to read.  This would be beneficial to the reader because it sounds better, and for a poem there has to a rhythm to make a poem, a poem.


私 は おとなしい
私 は やさしい
私 は 楽しい
私 は れいせい

私 は きびし 
私 は ひかんてき
私 は くらい
私 は むずかしい





About me

I am quiet
I am kind
I am fun
I am cool tempered

I am rigid
I am pessimistic
I am dark
am difficult

My favorite things
Reading interesting books
Playing tennis and volleyball
Visiting Singapore

My favorite things
Watch sunset of the beach
Rain at night
Pink clouds

I dislike
I do not like snakes
Loud sounds
Big spiders

I read a book everyday
I play the guitar
I play tennis and volleyball with my friends
I sing

Character formative

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In drama the other week we did a scene where we had to be a character and act a certain way.

8A Drama: Character Formative from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

What skills did I use in the scene work?
I used SWAT, stand, walk, action, talk. I didn’t really stand because the scene I was in was when we we’re sitting. I tried using how I talk to make people understand the character that I was portraying.
What was my approach to creating a character in the scene? How was it successful? What could be improved?
I wanted my audience to know that I was a boss and I had a higher status than my group members. I think it was kind-of successful, I told my other group member what to do to show that I had a higher status. It could be improved by having a more stern voice.
How could I use these skills in characterization in performances?
I could use the skills by showing a higher status by standing or by using a stern or more of a posh voice to show. Also I could show that I have a higher status by walking and standing.

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