15 Carat Diamonds accessorised with the finest silk dress ever see by man.

This is the life of the upper class.

The men would stride hazed in their own coolness, talking to other men with a glass of the finest cognac, firmly gripped with their left hand, gracefully standing in their 30,000 dollar body armour made out of the finest cloth for a suit. The conversation of their work whispers out of their mouth to the nearest ear. Of course, the riches men will only talk about money. Almost every man in the room, accessorised with a Cuban cigar in their mouth, the scent of wealth fuming out of the tips of their cigar clouded up the room.

The women are completely different from the men. They were not cool or with composure, they were just loose; gulping down bottles of Champaign one after another. Being drunk could not compensate for the amount of alcohol these tiny size 0 women will chug.

I was there, well as a cater waiter. my first job for a “upper-class” party. You always see it on the T.V. like the extravagant lives of the rich or something like that, but it’s different, watching it on the screen and actually being there to witness it in person. On the screen their just people living in a different world, but here, witnessing their lives, it was me hope that someday I’ll be on the other side.

At that moment I knew. I knew this is where I need to be. Whatever it takes. I knew, the only way to join them is to now their secrets. I decided to approach one of the men. One man caught my attention. He was 6’2 maybe 6’3, well he was tall. His hair was a perfect silver grey color, short but not too short, not even one hair follicle was out of place. His suit, dark navy, perfectly fitted. His tie was bright pink, a color that calls a lot of attention, like a baboon’s ass. His posture was straight as arrow. His right hand gripping his suit right under his pocket square.

Just by looking at him, without hearing anything he had to say about himself. I can visualise the utterly enormous wealth this man possess.

I had no clue what I was going to say to him. All I knew was I needed his attention and just one minute of his time. I started to walk towards him. Slow and steady. I took a step forward. Each step, heavy and slow. I finally became close enough to approach him. A passive aggressive cough echoed from the top of my throat, which caught his attention, “excuse me sir” I whispered to his closest ear. His head slowly turned. His bright ocean blue eye stared straight down into my eyes, a strong stare which almost feels like he is staring into my soul. He opened his mouth and said…

Do animals have morals

I think that all animals do have morals. From chimpanzees to fishes, and this is because all animals cannot exist without help from others. Wolves, for example, are pack animals, which meant they hunt in a group and they live in a group. To live with a group, or to work togeather, there have to be some morals within them. Adding to this argument, chimpanzees are highly developed animals, that understand about cooperation, just like on the video from Frans de Waal. This has to show that chimpanzees have empathy and morals.
To conclude, I believe that all animals do have morals, this statement comes from the evidence that I saw, also because I see humans as animals. If humans have it, other animals should too.

Perspective- We see the world, not as it is but as we are.

We see the world, not as it is but as we are.

This quote is from the Talmud, I think this quote means we see the world from our eyes and we only see the picture from our eye, not the whole picture. Everyone sees the world in a different way.
This quote is saying that we live with biases every day. Not only in the eyes of the others but even ourselves.

Personally I think this quote does make sense, everybody is different and if everybody is different then everyone view on things must be different. Also, each person has a different life. Some might have a very luxurious lifestyle and others might not. Both will have a different image of how the world is to them.
Overall, I think this quote is saying that we all have our beliefs and knowledge. I agree with what the quote is trying the convey. We are all different, which makes us unique but also have our biases.

Media Day

Does the type of Medium affect way you interpret information? On The fourth of June on a thursday, there was a media fair at school, each student chose a topic. The topic each student chose could be about anything that student wished to study. The posters had to have at least 5 different text types, this is because the task was about how can a topic be informed my media

The two grade 10 English classes had a open class room where students from both class would walk around and freely look at posters of peer in the other class.

Haakon- Esports
Haakon’s topic was about the growing industry of professional gaming also know as Esports. He says that the total profit made by Esports surpassed Ice hockey this year. This shows that the idea of Esports is getting bigger and there are more profit created by Esports than ever. Although many sportscaster still mock Esports and does not consider Esports as a sport. Although nowadays some Esports players are making more money than real sports players.
The most affective medium Haakon’s poster had was the graph that showed the collective earnings of Esports compared to other sports.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.21.25 PM

Eva-Nike Brand
Eva’s topic is about Nike brand. She mentioned about Nike getting the name for their company from the greek goddess of victory Niké. Later she responds with Nike using child labor to create their product.
Also adds that the Nike logo is an icon to sports due to many celebrity endorsements. To conclude she says Nike has two types of advertisements, one of them are intended for female audience and the other to be intended for male audience.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.16.20 PM

Seafra- Nike SB
Seafra’s topic was on Nike SB. Nike SB is a branch of Nike but the main focus is on skateboarding instead of other sports.  He mentioned that Nike SB uses various methods to advertise their brand, which are: a product placement in a skate video, a poster, on a tweet also a billboard. Each type advertisement conveys information in a different way, for example the billboard would have very limited words although, the tweet would have a good number of words on it because not many people would stand outside and read a sentence on a billboard but many people would if it is on a tweet.
Seafra mentioned many positive ways that Nike SB used to advertise. On the other hand, he also mentioned that Nike SB made a shoe called Black and Tan which came from the drink popular in U.S. called black and tan which includes dark beer (often Gunnies beer) with a light beer, however the slang black and tans is about a troop british solders brought to Ireland after 1918 and kill many innocent people. Nike SB without knowing the history of the slang announced the shoe on St.Patricks day which created a lot of anger

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.49.01 PM


There were many other poster that were fascinating, although there was not enough time to look at each and every single poster.
My topic was about air Jordans. There are two main types of Jordan basketball shoes first there are the performance basketball shoe, these were created recently and they are new, however  MJ never wore performance basketball shoes, instead he wore Air Jordans. To be exact MJ wore Air Jordans only 1-14, after Air Jordan 14 he retired permanently so he never had a chance to wear performance basketball shoes.
Although MJ only wore Air Jordans from 1-14 there are 29 Air Jordan shoes.

My poster was about how the Jordan brand sold their Air Jordans shoes after Jordan retired from basketball. Even though Air Jordans are not a common basketball shoe now, players in the NBA still do wear Air Jordans during game. There are Players who wear Air Jordans on the court, Air Jordans are more common as a life style shoe.

IMG_0142 (1)

From this experience I’ve learned that medium is a way to provide information. I think the type of medium is very important because the type of medium can affect the interpretations of the information. There are occasions where a video would be better than an image and there are times when a poster would be more effective than a video. This project gave me a better understanding in advertising, informing and others.

Design Criteria Summary and Challenges

Criteria A : Firstly developing a design brief, which will correspond with the final solution of our task.  This will be created by the knowledge gained while researching about the task. You would need of constructive plan on the research stage, which will recognise the primary and secondary investigation.

I think this is the most important stage, because without this stage you would have no clue what or who to move on with creating the demand from the client.


Criteria B : This stage is about creating a design specification. Here we will be acknowledging the qualities that the product needs, also work on multiple  dummy models, to see which design would work best to succeed the clients demand.

This is a hard stage for me because, creating ideas is not my upside. I would have trouble making multiple ideas, and when the design cycle moves I would finally recognise the necessary idea, in which i am too late to change.

Criteria C : This part of the process is where you physically create the product. During the process, we should keep a record of the justifications that we make. We should have a detailed timeline which explains when we will finish the product by, and also the more specific due dates for the final project.

This Process will be interesting because it would be a new experience for me, also this process will help me advance to a next level in understanding design.

Criteria D : For criteria D we will measure the success of our product, by comparing it to our design specification and product test I would be able to find out if this was successful project to my standers. Also I would be able to find out what my client would think of, and from that I could make a upgrade version of what I made.

I think this will be a great knowledge to have for the future, I would use this process in the work place, so this would be a nessary to have but in school I do not know if i am going to you this offen

Physical and Sensory Deprivation

Hear. See. Touch. Taste. Feel. These are something most of us have, but what if all of this was taken away from you. How would you fell, what would you feel, could you accept the pain.


In English class we had to do a physical and sensory deprivation task where I had to be totally isolated from everything and anything.
For 20 minutes I was disconnected from my family from sound from light and from everything else. From that experience I have to write about how I felt.


I was thrilled more than  anything else, I would say I was PUMPED about this task. As I became isolated my body was reacting to the sudden shout down of my body, all my limbs were tingling, the muscles would move without command, but soon my body would slowly calm down. I guess at that point I realised that I was relaxed. As time flows things would happen, my chest will rise every time I breath, and my heart will start to pound louder and louder. My external body was in total control but my internal body was going crazy. My brain was in full function even though i tried to lay down and relax.


Hundreds of small thoughts would rush though my head, everything looked so vivid, still everything was vision in my head. It surprised me, even though I am just lying on my bed my brain was so active. My mind was set free.

Overall the experience was very interesting, I was able to feel my own mind and realize my inner self. The experience was amazing and if you have time you should try it

Drama Journal 7

Mood Symbol and movement


Mood is something expressed by our 5 senses, from our senses we could expand our acting more than the visual parts. I have done one activity with my class, we have blind folded some of my class mates and used there other senses to guess where they are brought. We were supports to show or make them feel like they were in  a shopping mall, so we got a lot of perfume the touch out cloths sound of the people trying to sell you items, unfortunately we were not able to have anything to feed them so we were only able to give them 3 types of senses but i think that made them concentrate better with the other ones.

Symbol is something or someone, that thing has a special meaning  to the story, but throughout the play or story the meaning changes

Movement is when you expand the motion of the the play, using the proper motion will enhance the feeling of the play also it will look more believable with the proper motion. The movement is a key to a high level performance and a more interesting story

Tech PSA Video Evaluation

THis is the link to the PSA I have created https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_Y_2QrFmrs

For my PSA there are many points I could improve on, and to find out what should be improved I have created a survey. In this survey I have mention, if there are any good points and bad points in the video. For every response there were good points and bad points, but the improvement  question had the most detailed response. And these are some of the should improve points from other in my grade, “The bell at the beginning could be quieter, but the rest was good.” and “Add a logo or link to anti-theft page.” and these are some of the points the student said. from that I have notice that the sound quality for the video was not good enough, and some other response were, it was hard to hear. So next time if i were to create a PSA like this, i could possibly have a small microphone on the actor, so it will be easy to hear and understand what they say. Another problem that was mention was that the story was hard to understand, there was to many lines that had no connection to stealing. That could be a big point to fix. Over all the PSA had more bad points than good points. So of the next time if i had a better time tracking skill i would have the task done at the right time and done nicely.

Tech PSA

For this video i wanted to show people don’t steal. It may not be serious but still i wanted to show that stealing is not good nor cool and if you do steal, at the end of the day you will be found and and will face the consequence. please sit and enjoy the psa thatnk you very much for the people that were in my video





Final Tech Design

I had a lot of design to choose from, but i finally chose one. This one design has a good way of telling the moral of the story and a funny but understanding way, I had other ideas of the story with similar qualities but the were ether too long or too hard to create, for example one idea i wanted a lot of students in one small scene but that was not realistic and i did not chose that idea. For this idea i will use around 3-5 actor/actresses and maybe more if i have to but the amount of cast is reasonable, also i could get those actors/actresses in my class, if i try to have more cast i would have to involve other students in my class with will be unreasonable. Another thing  i will not have to use intense VFX in my video, and that will save a lot of time because adding those effaces are very time consuming and difficult it is not a one night job, also i would have to learn more about effaces before i try to start creating VFX. last my setting for my skit is in a school so it will not have any problems for finding the place to film, for my other designs i would wanted to film out side of campus and that will be a hassle and i would have to film on a day which we do not have school, and that will be hard to organize.