Design Criteria Summary and Challenges

Criteria A: Inquiring and Analysing:

Criteria A is about inquiring and analysing. What we do is basically research about the problem and justify the need of a solution. In this criteria we also have to learn to prioritise the research needed to develop a solution. Then we have to analyse a wide range of existing products that might inspire a solution; after all these steps we summarise all the information we have collected. Out of all these steps I believe the most challenging one would be prioritising my research as I usually always go straight into secondary research.

Criteria B: Developing Ideas:

Criteria B is about developing ideas, basically what we do is develop design specifications, then design a few possible products; after all the different sketches done, choose one and justify why it was selected. I think the most challenging part is coming up with different possible products and analysing them in detail as I can usually only come up with only one solution.

Criteria C: Creating the Solution:

Criteria C is about creating the solution, in this criteria we basically have to develop a logical plan where it will help us stay organised and have everything done on time, then follow the plan to create the product. Lastly we have to explain changes made throughout the creation. Out of all these categories, I think I will struggle the most with following the plan as I will probably forget about it and start doing completely different things.

Criteria D: Evaluating:

In Criteria D all we do is design a wide variety of testing methods which will help us determine if the product is successful. Determine if the product meets the design specifications stated at the beginning of the investigation. Later on we explain how the product could be improved; lastly we explain the impact the solution has on the target audience. Out of all these steps, I believe the most challenging one will be design a variety of testing methods as I have always struggled in this section in previous investigations.