Media Fair

Last week, on June 4th, the Grade 10s had a Media Fair where each student presented a poster on the topic they had chosen. This topic had to be somewhat controversial, on the posters each student presented five different types of media where they looked at the different aspects of the media for their perspective topics.

My topic was Game of Thrones and how the TV show promoted it through the use of official trailers, and by collaborating in a Red Nose Day video where it promoted both, the TV show and the charity. I also looked at a fan site where GoT fans post news about the show and related to it. On the other hand, there were two types of media I looked at where the Mary Sue Magazine wrote an article stating they would not promote the show due to a rape scene believing it was promoting sexual violence towards women. Another feminist wrote a twitter post saying she was done with Game of Thrones for the same reasons.


In the Media Fair, the first person I went to was Adam. His topic was Versace and his media was a magazine, music video, instagram pictures, news article and a TV advert. Adam’s topic was really interesting because he found out that Versace is being promoted without the company asking famous people to be the face of the brand, instead famous singers like Rita Ora and Rihanna automatically promote the brand by posting pictures of them wearing Versace clothes and tagging Versace by using the hashtag sign (#Versace). We also discussed about how it was interesting that Versace and H&M promoted their brands together in a TV advert. He said it was a really smart way to get people to buy clothes from the brand because by combining the advert with another famous brand they are widening the audience, therefore attracting more people to buy from the brand. There was however an important downside to the brand which is that the New York Times found out that there is no evidence Versace is paying taxes, this however cannot be proved. The New York Times article created a scandal, giving Versace a bad public image.


The second person I went to was Hermanth. His topic really grabbed my attention, mainly because it was about the tennis brand, Wilson. His media was a poster, a commercial, review column page, news article and a twitter post. Hemanth and I had a long conversation about how the brand Wilson promoted its new tennis racket. They used professional players like Nishikori for commercials. He had his laptop open showing the commercial in which it depicted Nishikori hitting balls and a narrator saying the racket increases accuracy and speed. They did not only use Nishikori, but they also used Federer, the great player by using the slogan “Get betterer like Federer”. Even though they used smart ways to promote the famous tennis racket, Hemanth and I discussed how they were using the success of the player by saying it was the racket. Like Hemanth said “he doesn’t have talent but the racket does”.


The last person I went to talk to was Kate who focused on the movie “The Interview”. This is a very controversial topic because of its plot where two North American show creators try to assassinate the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Sony, who was the publisher for the movie was forced to cancel the release of the movie due to North Korea hacking into the company’s software. Sony ended up releasing the movie for a short period in Christmas diving the people who support the movie and those who do not. Kate looked at the official movie trailer, the official poster, an opinion column, a magazine article and a BBC news report. The official trailer and poster make the movie worth watching as it is a comedy movie, she also said the BBC news report was a positive media because it talks about how the movie is mocking North Korea in a funny way. Kate and I talked about how I thought the movie did nothing wrong as they were only using Kim Jong-Un for comedic purposes and to create a funny and entertaining movie to watch. The magazine article however talked about what if North Korea decided to use President Obama for a comedy movie where North Korean citizens tried to assassinate him?. Overall this topic is very controversial.


As seen above, the Media Fair was filled with a variety of interesting controversial topics and the way each student portrayed their interests and the media they had found was very creative. The media fair was very exciting for me as I had the opportunity to get to know my peers better by listening to their interests and points of view.