Planet Fitness, The Fastest-Growing Gym in America Due to its Positioning – Business

Mallory Schlossberg wrote an article for Business Insider called The fastest-growing gym in  America has $10 memberships and gives out free pizza, bagels, and candy, which talks about how Planet Fitness, a gym in America that only charges $10 per membership and offers its customers free junk food.

Planet Fitness is an American franchise in the public sector that consists of fitness centers. Planet Fitness currently has 1000 club locations across the US, with recent expansion into Canada. Due to the fact that it is a public company, it is of its best interest to satisfy the public at its best of ability. To do so, it offers consumers what they need and want, which is a “Judgment Free Zone” where people who are not fit or that do not like working out can do exercise without being judged or feeling intimidated.

Planet Fitness has been and keeps on getting mocked due to its philosophy. The franchise has clearly understood what the wants and needs of a vast majority of Americans are. As the CEO states, “Other brands look at working out as a hobby, and I think personally that working out is a chore, and I believe most of America thinks of it the same way, they know they have to [but] they’d rather go to Chili’s and have a beer and have some chips and salsa, but you know, you have to, you don’t want to, so you kind of wince your way throughout. And I think most of Americans think this way.” In order to make people feel better about themselves and allow customers to have a “judgment free zone”, the American franchise had to work on some of the most important business concepts, which in this case are innovation and strategy.

Planet Fitness had to focus on innovation and strategy because in order to be creative and offer its customers what they really want, it had to be strategic because it had to offer American citizens what other fitness centers do not offer and also be innovative to come up with a product or service that will satisfy its customers.

It first had to analyze the market and discover what the wants and needs are. Planet Fitness first analyzed the market and discovered that people do not like working out and that they do not like to be judged while doing so. Therefore they were innovative and created the “judgement free zone” and rewarded its customers by giving them free pizza and bagels once a month. This way it allows customers to feel more comfortable in the fitness center and build up a better relationship between the employees and customers.

Overall, Planet Fitness has created a space where people that do not consider working out as a hobby can burn off a few calories whenever they feel like doing so through the use of innovation and strategy.