Investigate Reflection

I have tried to understand a lot  of blog patterns by researching 3 weeks, Brainstorming for 3 weeks, and finally 2 weeks of practice. I am now real comforting to write down all this information on the blog to introduce myself to the world of technology.

While researching, we learned about what makes a good blog and how to make the most Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 10.14.42 AMexcellent blog you can create while also looking at other blogs. While brainstorming, wemade a mind map of what type of blog would I make, if I could make one. During practice, we studied how word press works and how to create a blog on word press. And if you people haven’t noticed, this is my reflection.

I will use what I have learned to make an excellent blog that is personalized to me by keeping the blog clean and neat. I can also post alot of post to keep my blog organized well while also keeping my side bars neat.


I can represent me and YIS learning system by trying out different styles and both writing down alot of  stuff related to school studies while also including photos of school life.

I would try to include all of the criterias, but I would try to start out the process by trying out the most basic thing. Trying to add pictures and keeping my blogs organized. I can also try out my best about consistantly using or putting up videos for the post.

I am really delighted about going to Hakuba next week, and I think I’ll try recording some videos, voice records, and finally pictures and photos.

I chose this criteria so even though someone isn’t so fluent with English, they can sort of understand with the images, which is the first learner style also with deaf people.

Well, if anyone is reading this droaning blog post of mine, I hope you great luck.

Welcome to the world of Technology.


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  1. Fantastic work Hye-Won! You are so good at remembering what we’ve done in class and then explaining it to others. You are a natural writer, I can hear your voice as I read your posts. I’m glad to see you included a picture (in addition to your thumbnail imagines in your post AND you put the correct citation). Well done!

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